Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Still Missing

North Face Jacket
Patagonia Fleece Vest
Ashworth Penn State Windbreaker
Ben Sherman Button-Down Shirt
Banana Republic Sweater
Banana Republic Zip Sweater
Levi's Jeans
Polo Khaki Pants
Teva Sandals
Banana Republic Flip-Flops
Vasque Hiking Boots
Wool Tuk Hat
Puma Beanie
Speedo Brand Swim Trunks
Waterproof Pants Size L
Waterproof Pants Size M
Windstopper Gloves
Fleece Socks
Six Pairs Adidas Socks
Banana Republic Boxers
Long Underwear Bottoms
Patagonia Long Underwear Set
Smith Sliders Sunglasses
Paul Frank Sunglasses
Meade Binoculars
Swiss Army Knife
Lowe Alpine Fanny Pack
Calvin Klein Toiletry Kit
Toiletry Bag With Toiletries
Hair Gel
REI First Aid Kit
Multiple Insect Repellants
Multiple Purell Bottles
Multiple Dramamine Bottles
Nikon D40 Battery Charger
Nikon Coolpix S9 Battery Charger

New idea:
Ask Grandma to help me replace many of these things for Mr. Monkey via a trip to REI and surprise Mr. Monkey after shopping trip with only loot for him.

I do like rpstegman's suggestion of new lenses for my camera, too.

Maybe there is an REI close to a camera place....


  1. That's a super idea! You're sweet for even thinking of it :) What a good wifey!!

  2. ugh. totally sucky that his luggage still hasn't shown up :(

    great idea on the shopping trip for him though! and double check, but rei may even have lenses there! i know their binocular section is huge, maybe they have camera stuff, too?

  3. :( As I was reading the list my exact thought was that your grandma should replace it.

    I've had luggage lost twice but both times they eventually found it.

  4. i wonder if the luggage will eventually turn up. but a shopping trip for mr. monkey would be lovely!

    REI in arcadia's not too far from the mall. there's a ritz camera up in thurr.

  5. Don't replace - that's what insurance is for!

  6. that sucks for mr. monkey. :( but that'd be super sweet if g'ma monkey will replace it all! very cool.

    btw, make sure you get this lens on your shopping spree. perfect for portraits & what not.


    however, if price is not an issue (which looks like it's not), perhaps your should opt for these! :)

    for indoor use: http://tinyurl.com/2knvwr

    for outdoor use: http://tinyurl.com/2vx5fz

    you won't be sorry! happy shopping!

  7. Holy crap you're a good packer! That's a lot of stuff!!

    Sorry it hasn't been found yet =(

    I think its a super sweet idea but I think Kate is on to something here....

  8. Mother effer! I'd be super pissed if I were Mr. Monkey. What if they find the luggage after the shopping spree?

  9. i sad for mr. monkey and for your feet. come on grandma can get him some stuff and some little designer shoes for you too. right? right???

  10. I'm sad for Mr. Monkey. But yes! It's a great idea :) What a nice monkey.


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