Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wishing Winnie Well

Our dear Winnie shall be moving across the country soon to my old law school stomping grounds. So sad for us! It is, however, a wonderful thing for Winnie, as she and her hubby will finally be in the same city together. Let us all rejoice for that!

Nanette hosted a farewell party featuring food from Versailles. I loved my lechon asado and famoso pollo versailles combination with black beans, rice, and fried sweet plantains.

Nanette made chocolate-covered red velvet bites.

Wan made peanut marshmallow rice krispie treats. Please note the chocolate W on each treat in honor of Winnie!

[Mr. Monkey thanks you both for these tasty treats.]

A farewell party for Winnie wouldn't be complete without her latest fave game, Rock Band!

I discovered I am terrible at faux guitar, but I'm a pretty good singer (at least according to the game) and a decent faux drummer.

Amber tore up Dance Dance Revolution.

Look at those feet go!

Wan's li'l one is rather adorable and a total angel. She had on some fun ruffle-butt underthings.

Of course, we did the obligatory smiling group shot.

But this is what we're really like.

Good times! Best wishes for a stress-free move, and good luck to Winnie!


  1. somehow, i just knew you'd be the first to blog ;)

    great pics! great food! great fun!

    winnie, i miss you already.

  2. Looks like a blast! So sorry to have missed it!

  3. 1.) Wan's hair is FAB.
    2.) The bean is adorable.
    3.) Too bad you didn't take an "Engaged at Winnie's Farewell Party" shot.

  4. *head spinning* Winnie is moving?! Where the f have I been? The food looks yum.

  5. sad to have missed it, but it looks like a fun, intimate-ish party. :)

  6. I LOVE Rock Band. Almost as much as I will miss winnie.

  7. Oh no! The bean has lost all anonymity :)

  8. red velvet bites? krispie treats? fried goodness?sounds like a fab party. ;-)

  9. I can't believe we're all moving. Good thing we became friends online first!

  10. Love the photos. I'll definitely miss the monkey and the rest of the group!

  11. Aw, great pics! Looks like you all had a great time! Sad I wasn't there .

    And those treats look damn tasty!

  12. Jenny called them red velvet balls I like that description better =D

    You all are so fricken cute in these pics.

    Good luck to Winnie on the move!

  13. These pictures make me both happy and sad. Great to see you again even if it was for a sad reason.

  14. Fabulous recap, although I expected nothing less. :)

  15. Awww I am so super sad I missed this event. Damn working on weekends! I am happy you are back and in one piece....I love the photo blog of the trip! :)


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