Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Donnas + The Hives

In case you haven't figured it out yet, we've returned to the States, but I still have a couple more vacation days to document. Fear not. They shall be blogged in good time.

I'm blogging slightly out of order now. We saw The Donnas and The Hives at The 'Tern tonight. Nanette and Brent were there, too!

Now you will really be able to see the incredible contrast between my crappy iPhone pics and our vacation pics.

The Donnas were great as usual.

Brett told us that their earpieces weren't working during the entire first song, but I wouldn't have known had she not mentioned it. They rocked! Brett is so incredibly charismatic. Maya got to play a short little solo in between songs tonight, and Allison was fanfreakingtastic during "5 O'Clock in the Morning." Of course, our little Torry kicked ass on drums.

Courtesy of Torry, our tags allowed us to visit the girls after their set.

Then we all went out to listen to The Hives, who are so very very Swedish. Good show by all.

We ended the night with a very tall treat from yogurberry. It was actually taller, but Mr. Monkey had a bite before I whipped my iPhone out.

We are sad we won't see Torry for about a month, as she will be on tour. We're so happy we got to hang out a little tonight!


  1. so jealousE of your fun night! i love that you always get to go backstage.

  2. yay for the donnas. that is one tall, tall yogurt.

  3. Sounds like a great show! That Yogurberry looks delicious!!! That to me is the perfect way to end the evening :)

  4. The 'Tern! I hadn't even noticed! :)

    Great seeing you last night, albeit briefly.

  5. Such a rockstar life you live.

    And the fact that it's Yogurberry and not YogurTberry, really bothers me. A lot. Irks me to the core.

  6. Sounds like fun! Welcome back!!

  7. How does yogurberry compare with pinkberry?

  8. What a great night! That reminds me. . . I spied a "Blue Cherry" yogurt place by my house. Made me think of you. We've got to check out all the knock-offs in our area ASAP!


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