Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 12: Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires

I was excited to arrive in Buenos Aires after having been immersed in nature, nature, nature. As beautiful as our trip has been, I've missed city life, and Buenos Aires seriously rocks my socks! Much more so than Santiago did. Sorry, Santiago.

Our first stop was The Moreno Hotel, our home for two nights. Wow. WOW. This huge modern delight could be my favorite home away from home ever.
Historical landmark and haven for classic art-deco design, The Moreno Hotel has been converted into the most chic boutique lodging, but it maintains an old-school foyer and elevator.

The hotel's lobby and rooftop were cool. We happened upon a photo shoot!

Our room was huge. It was an "extra extra large room." Size does matter! The details were great. I'd love to make our home look like this in the future.

Our view from the room was such a contrast.

We put our stuff away in our sweet room, and then we hit the streets. The Moreno Hotel is very close to the Plaza de Mayo. Here, the White House is actually a pink house, better known as La Casa Rosada. Like Chile, Argentina also has a female president. Girl power!

Argentine graffiti artists don't have the greatest English spelling.

In the evening, on her suggestion, we met our new friend Aerogirl for dinner and a tango show at Cafe Tortoni. This coffeehouse was once an old haunt of the late renowned writer Jorge Luis Borges.

We knew the coffeehouse was really old. We didn't know the tango dancers would be as well. They were quite...experienced.

Notwithstanding the wrinkly dancers, we had a great time eating good food, sipping coffee, and chatting all night long. We're so happy to have met Aerogirl! She is awesome!


  1. I wanted to say something about your fabulous hotel. But I can't, because I'm too distracted by the wrinkly dancers. They fascinate me. But not in a good way.

  2. I thought those dancers were wax figurines....

  3. yay for travel friends!
    um, not yay for wrinkly dancers.

    i give that hotel the unfussy tater stamp of approval. not that that means anything, but oh well.

  4. The photos of the wrinkly dancers made me giggle :)

  5. Buenos Aires is at the top of my list! Glad to hear it lives up to its reputation!

  6. awesome, awesome hotel. wow!

    and i'm dying at the wrinkly dancers.

  7. that hotel room looks so cool. nice score.

    i wrinkle my nose at the wrinkly dancers.

  8. That hotel looks amazing!!! I'd be my favorite home away from home too :) Aerogirl sounds awesome! Travel friends are always fun!

  9. I want that hotel to be my house. More cool points for Mr. Monkey on that one. ;)


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