Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 10: Ushuaia (The End of the World)

Today we bid adieu not only to Cruceros Australis but also to Chile. Ushuaia is the town where we docked. Hola, Argentina!

Ushuaia markets itself as "The End of the World and the Beginning of Everything."

Mr. Monkey really wanted to play golf, so I was his caddy for his first nine holes at the Ushuaia Golf Club, the southernmost golf course in the world. We were really lucky that it was a public course with a really relaxed dress code, so Mr. Monkey could play in jeans. It was a beautiful place to hit the links.

During his last nine holes, I wandered off to the neighboring train station and stumbled upon some horses. And a dalmatian. Strange but cool.

We stayed at Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa in Ushuaia. It was another lovely enormous modern cabin -- bedroom with an adjoining sitting room -- with a great view. Mr. Monkey did a phenomenal job with all of our lodging selections! (He also took the photos of our view early one morning while I was sleeping.)

We had a great lunch and relaxing massages before we went on our late afternoon excursion.

After enjoying the lap of luxury, we proceeded to our "Dinner With the Beavers." This is not my terminology. This is what the package was called. We climbed over logs and trudged through peat bogs. It was a really fun encounter, even though I almost fell into muddy waters several times.

Our naturalist's wife prepared a home-cooked dinner, which delighted us after a few hours of stalking beavers. Despite what this crappy photo may indicate, the food was not fuzzy and unclear.

The couple also had a sweet dog and the cutest kitten ever. I actually dislike cats. A lot. But even I thought this little tyke was the most adorable creature.

During our Dinner With the Beavers, we met the nicest French girl who is currently living in Germany. I will call her Aerogirl. Aerogirl is a cabin architect for a major aircraft manufacturer. She has an advanced engineering degree, and...well, she's literally a rocket scientist by training. So cool!

You are probably wondering why I am talking about Aerogirl so much. It turns out Aerogirl is on our flight the day after tomorrow to Buenos Aires, so we plan to hang out with her during our two days in the city. Fun!


  1. Awwww look at those beavers! I'm seriously so so so so so jealous of your trip.

  2. beavers! the food and lodging looks great, as i am growing accustomed to seeing here...

  3. OMG that cat is so the cutest thing ever! I love the pic you took with all the pretty.

  4. I cannot get over how gorgeous the scenery is.

  5. holy beavers! did you tell him to shut the 'dam' door?

    hardy har har har:)

  6. such gorgeous photos!!! especially of mr. monkey :) I want to bite his cute face.

    WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME???? Your trip is the vacation that keeps on ticking. Loves it!!!

  7. your pictures are really beautiful, dude.

    and i must agree, mr. monkey did quite a spectacular job of planning this trip. awesome!

  8. you have definitely encountered the cutest selection of furry and feathery creatures on this trip!

  9. You realize I'm going to have to rethink our friendship for the "I dislike cats alot" comment right?

    Alright... you made up for it with the cute kitten pictures.

  10. You should lend Mr. Monkey out to plan trips for people.

  11. I am loving these photo recaps. Gorgeous scenery. What a cute li'l kitten. You'll be hangin' out with Woogas and Kerwin before you know it. ;)


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