Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 8: P-P-P-Pia!

Without a morning excursion today, we could sleep in a little.

After breakfast, we had the opportunity to check out the ship's engine room.

We also visited the ship's bridge.

We had fun on the upper deck watching geese circle the boat.

We began to see signs of the icy wonderland to come.

Then we saw it in the distance -- Pia Glacier. We hopped in the zodiac, sped away from the ship, and approached Pia.

We made quite the trek. I slipped and fell. Twice. Embarrassing.

But it was [literally] the coolest hike ever. The Pia kept calving, which is rather rare. When a glacier calves, pieces of ice break off at the margins and fall into the water. It was so awesome. The cracking and crashing was amazing! Even our naturalists were oohing and ahhing!

We made it to the top! Yes, we're wearing Patagonia in Patagonia. Shut up.

Our prize for making it back down.

Drinks were chilled with glacier ice. Mr. Monkey liked that.

Here's our zodiac amidst the ice.

After the Pia Glacier hike, we boarded the ship and sailed down the Avenue of the Glaciers, which included the Romanche, Germany, France, Italy, and Holland glaciers. So incredible.

Such a fantastic day! It gave me...the chills. Har har har.


  1. Pictures of Mr. Monkey always crack me up.

  2. it baffles me that Mr. Monkey can still be an enthusiastic model while wrapped in his hotel blankets! the pic of the two of you is really cute :)

  3. I third the Mr. Monkey cuteness. Those glaciers are such an awesome sight.

  4. Those glaciers are beautiful!!

  5. amazing glaciers! i've always wanted to wear patagonia in patagonia. really.

  6. I am so amazed at these pictures. Wow! Beautiful.

  7. Today, I wore Forever 21 in Forever 21. Not quite as awesome and wearing Patagonia in Patagonia.

    You win.

  8. stunning.

    frank and mr. monkey together could be one cute problem. We should goad that friendship more - icy beverages are a good way to start :)


    forever 21 in forever 21 is hilarious!)

  9. my hands are freezing while looking at these pictures.

  10. those glaciers are awesome. sounds like the hike was amazing :)

  11. It looks amazing. Nature rules. :)


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