Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boobalicious Gumby

Sheena is freakishly flexible, so much so that even Benny Ninja notices.
Elina kisses Clark during a game of Truth or Dare. Clark has no idea how into her Elina is. Like really really really into her. Really.

Isis takes hormone injections. Analeigh helps her. So nice, that Analeigh!

Tarina Tarantino!!!!! Handbag full of sparkly jewelry and accessories for the winner of the challenge! Sheena makes herself into a raunchy pretzel. She puts Tarina Tarantino's handbag in her crotch! What. The. Fuck.

Winner of the Tarina Tarantino challenge is none other than everybody's favorite aggressive lesbian, Elina.

Hannah Alaska is lametarded. She is the stupidest whitest white girl ever. She deserves to get shat on. She likens the "ethnic" girls' "confrontation" of her as "gang rape." WHAT? Eff you, Hannah Alaska.

Sheena lies to the judges about her fake jugs. Then she tells the truth about her fake jugs. No one is surprised. They are unreal. Humongous cantaloupe globes.

Yay re Bigmouth Skeleton Girl getting the boot!


  1. * I am so ready for Sheena to be gone
    * Analeigh is my favorite. She's a firewoman. Whenever there's a fire, she's there putting it out.
    * I actually feel bad for Hannah. I think she's young and isolated and I definitely feel like everyone's over reacting to her. Shit, if someone tried to sit on my lap I'd push them away to. It's called personal space. And if I had a nickel everytime I called my husband Whitey McWhiterson, well let's just say I wouldn't have to work so hard at my job.

  2. fiance and i wanted to put a muzzle on hannah when she was declaring she was a victim of "gang rape" and "gang violence". she sucks at life.

  3. I love Hannah Palin! Inexperienced white chicks from Alaska are all the rage this Fall!

  4. Urgh, I need better tv reception to CW so I can watch ANTM :(

  5. am I the only one that luuuurves me some Sheena? as much as Hannah is annoying, i'm glad she was around so you could refer to her as Hannah Alaska.

    oh- and from your comment earlier- 20SB = 20 on a scale of 1-10 of fabulousness, which by default, you qualify as! i kinda wish the event was in SoCal though so I had a reason to come visit!

  6. I love sheena purely for entertainment purposes. And the real/fake boobs.

  7. it looks like i picked the wrong season to skip out on ANTM.

  8. I totally thought of you when Tarina Tarantino showed up!

  9. I agree about the hannah alaska chick.. god was she annoying!

  10. Thank goodness I just watched this show last night before I read your spoilers.


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