Sunday, September 7, 2008

Downtown Dish

I met the M&Ms for dinner at Panini Cafe on Thursday, which I'd reviewed previously for angelenic. We sat on the front patio, which was a bit noisy but still enjoyable. I'm happy to report that the paninis are indeed great. To me, they are the only things worth getting here. Everything else is overpriced.

We started with the hummus duo ($7.95). Tasty, but too expensive for what it is.
panini cafe 002
I loved my salami panini melt ($9.95) comprised of Italian salami, black forest ham, grilled onions, tomatoes, and provolone. As I've mentioned before, the bread at Panini Cafe is marvelous.
panini cafe 004
This morning, Mr. Monkey brought home a croissant breakfast sandwich with egg, smoked mozzarella, and black forest ham and a focaccia breakfast sandwich with egg, pepper bacon, and smoked mozzarella (each $8.95 and not pictured here). Yummies! Further confirmation that sandwiches are the way to go at Panini Cafe.

Friday night, we visited our old displaced friend, The Original Texas Barbecue King, which used to reside at the corner of Sunset and Figueroa before the evil Orsini apartments demolished it and forced it to move too far away from us for frequent patronage.

The King is back. Well, at least a smaller version of it. The Little Prince is a tiny sliver of takeout happiness on 7th Street.

bbq king 012
bbq king 009
bbq king 003
bbq king 008
All the meat is smoked at The King's new main location, but now Downtown denizens can get their rib fix from this mini 7th street outpost. The only drawback is that, when the meat runs out, the meat runs out. We wanted some hot links, but there were no more left. Boo.

We did take home a bunch of baby back ribs, brisket, and mac 'n' cheese, though.
bbq king 013
bbq king 014
bbq king 017
I love reuniting with old friends, human and otherwise.


  1. The panini looks delicious! Is the hummus on the left made with black beans, or...?? Is there a colored chickpea of which I am unaware?

  2. Yes, it's made of black beans instead of garbanzo!

  3. come visit me in dallas, and i'll take you to some awesome BBQ places!!!! pretty please!

  4. Does BBQ King still have french fries that taste just like BBQ potato chips?

  5. Your "panini melt" doesn't look very melty...?

    I tmade me hungry anyway :)

  6. taking note. i may have to try since our new place on the corner has converted me to bbq, and this place seems similar.

    why are you an anime character now? besides your big eyes, of course.

  7. funny, we had brisket and creamed corn on sat night! eh, not really a fan of BBQ...I'm definitely in the wrong state. :/

  8. I thought this anime avatar was more me than my old South Park identity.

    But I did tone it down a bit. I changed the middle finger to a peace sign.

  9. mmmm....bbq.....looks so tasty!

  10. There is no better side than a side of mac & cheese!

  11. But here's the real question - do they have sweet tea?

  12. the panini...mmmmmm.

    i'm not gonna lie, dude, the new avatar scares me a little.

  13. black beans=my heaven!

    those ribs look a little greasy gross but i want em in my belly.



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