Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who Gives a Fuck About an Oxford Comma?

I do! And, even if Vampire Weekend doesn't, I love them for even knowing what an Oxford comma is. I've been obsessed with this band for many months now.
vampire weekend 001
Despite a barrage of technical difficulties, Vampire Weekend still managed to please the crowd last Wednesday.
vampire weekend 012
"Mansard Roof"

"I Stand Corrected"

Ezra Koenig explains that the band will play guitarless songs while the techies resolve the electrical problems.

A new song called "White Sky"


The band screws up "Cape Cod Kwassa."

"Boston (Ladies of Cambridge)"


Ezra explains how to sing along to the next song.

"One (Blake's Got a New Face)"

Local kids play strings on "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance."

More strings on "M79"

"Oxford Comma"

A new song called "Little Giant"

And then I ran out of battery power for a rousing rendition of "Walcott." Sad. But these are not all the clips I took.  You can see the rest here.


  1. yay. lauragami went too. says she felt old. tough being hep to what the young kids nowadays like. ;)

  2. I would have run out long before.

  3. The only downside to our vacation is that we are currently missing the Vampire Weekend concert AND Vampire weekend playing at Street Scene.

  4. i love the oxford comma song. love it.


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