Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old Dancing Men Are Funny

Last Tuesday, Mr. Monkey scored free tickets to The Fratellis and The Airborne Toxic Event at The Wiltern. Yes, folks, when you are out and about non-stop, blogging takes a backseat. I'm extremely behind on my documentation, especially since my concert posts are rather labor-intensive.
fratellis 039
We paid only a $4.50 service charge for each ticket, so Mr. Monkey kept singing to the tune of the Subway $5 Footlong jingle, "Nine. Nine-dollar. Nine-dollar concert!"
fratellis 001
Silver Lake darlings The Airborne Toxic Event were quite good. Mr. Monkey likes them a lot. I like the fact that the band includes a violin-playing chick and a guitar-shredding Asian dude.
airborne toxic event 002
This clip is my favorite -- a 60ish-year-old man does something quite incredible during "Sometime Around Midnight." We were sitting in the Loge section. Nobody else was standing, except for this old guy, this old guy's equally old friend, and Tank Top Guy, yet another 60ish-year-old man in the front row of the section. Watch this one all the way through. It's worth it!

Amazing, no? The teenage boys sitting next to me were giggling as much as I was. Maybe more.

Have you ever seen a bass played like a cello? Check it.

Then The Fratellis came onstage. While we enjoyed the show, we think the concert at the Key Club in June was better and more energetic. It didn't help that most of our section left early. Boo!


"Tell Me a Lie" (the song to which Serena ate chocolate-covered strawberries on the Jitney on Gossip Girl)

"Whistle for the Choir"

"Chelsea Dagger"

Old men dancing to "A Heady Tale"

Here's my fave Fratellis song, "Flathead," complete with Tank Top Guy dancing.

"Milk and Money"

I have more clips here, if you're interested.

I'd told my pal Jessica about this show awhile back. Even though I hadn't planned on going because I'd already seen The Fratellis at the Key Club, I knew she might be interested. Turns out she was! We met at yogurberry after the show.
fratellis 038
You can see the marquee has changed in the background.

That's a hint of what's to come....


  1. I knew I could count on you for all of the videos! I can't wait to watch them all!! :-D And I LOVE that I can now re-live the glory of dancing tank top man.

    I'm so glad I got to see you! :-)

  2. It looks like a good time had by all!

  3. I'm still amazed that you got concert tickets for the cost of a Starbucks drink.

  4. Yay another Airborne Toxic Event fan. I know the lead singer, they're all super nice. Glad to see you have a great time!

  5. I never have enough time on my camera to film clips. Your phone rules my camera. Sad. :( Happy that you guys had fun at the concert though. Yay for that!

  6. vampire weekend!

    no sound at school, but the video (of the old men) was hilarious anyway.


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