Monday, September 1, 2008

Home Is Where Los Feliz Is

Any restaurant that serves breakfast all day is a winner in my book. Huzzah for Home!
home 032
During our short drive to Los Feliz, we heard Coldplay's "Clocks" on the radio. I chuckled when I heard, "Home, home, where I wanted to go." I'm sure Mr. Monkey rolled his eyes. I was too busy singing to confirm.
home 001home 006
home 003
A koi-filled fountain sits in the center of the patio. Plastic reptiles adorn the greenery.
home 002
home 018
home 008
home 030
home 011
Home is very popular. All the hungover hipsters in town were there. We waited.
home 023
Fresh-squeezed orange juice kept us company.
home 004
At least the wait was worth it. Thank goodness it was just the two of us.

The Eggs Benedict ($9.95) arrived perfectly poached and smothered with good Hollandaise. The home fries were phenomenal. They were home fries after all. Har har har. They tasted like they had been hugged by Old Bay
home 027
home 029
We enjoyed the Weekend Madness ($9.95), two thick slices of egg bread stuffed with sautéed bananas and caramelized walnuts and topped with homemade cream sauce. Nummers.
home 024
Breakfast wouldn't be compete with a side of bacon ($3.65). Yes.
home 026
And then I dropped my camera on the ground. [Insert wah wah sounds here.]

My UV filter was toast. It shattered everywhere, and adjacent onlookers observed with horror. Little did they know it was just a $20 filter. I knew, though. I took this picture to make sure the UV filter was the only thing destroyed.
home 031
Ooh, ketchup. I should've tried taking a picture of something that actually mattered. Oh well. But it seems there is no damage to the camera or lens. Word. When I came home, I blasted everything with compressed air to make sure there weren't any UV filter fragment stragglers left that could scratch my lens.

Now I just need a new filter.


  1. So it IS true that the filters protect the lenses! So glad your camera is ok.

    Breakfast looks delicious!

  2. I'm glad I just had dinner or I may have had to wipe drool off the computer.

    thank goodness your camera is ok! well, only $20 broken.

  3. This is historic - it's the first time ever that I'm actually your first commenter. Holler.

    And pass me the home fries! Sorry about your filter :-(

  4. I'm totally giggling at the mental image of you singing those lyrics while on the way to your destination. :)

    You already know I can fully commiserate on dropping one's camera while dining. Boo for the broken filter, but yay(?) it was only $20.

  5. Oh no!!! Thank goodness only the filter broke. Now order a new filter stat.

  6. Random notes:

    Who says huzzah ;)

    Mr. M is soooo tan.

    Boo to shards.

    A to frenchly toasted pieces of bread.

    I've only had dinner at Home. Been dying to go for breakfast but feared all the hipsters congregating in the light of day.

  7. huzzah, kiddos, or vixens?

    yum. breakfast. yum.

    mr. monks looks so, so disgruntled.

    thank goodness it was just your filter. wheeeeeew.

  8. Hipster is such an unusual word. Everyone uses it, but what exactly does it mean? Is it like obscenity---difficult to define but "you know it when you see it?" I often wonder if there is anyone who refers to him or herself as a hipster. It seems like one of those words that is always used to refer to other people, but never to oneself. And it seems to me that it would be unhipsterlike to refer to oneself as a hipster and that by doing so, a person would cease to be a hipster.

    Anyway, food looks delightful. So glad the cam survived.

  9. I went there probably 8 years ago before a visit to the Griffith Observatory. I still remember their curly fries, yum! I wonder if after you dropped the camera there was a whisper of "I heard she's a blogger" and that is why they gasped.

  10. Sorry about your camera. That place must be popular because I've heard of it, and I know nothing about trendy or hipster life.

  11. That looks really freakin yummy. RIP filter.

  12. Crap you just reminded me I was going to pick up English muffins and make Eggs Benedict for breakfast tomorrow! Guess it will have to wait till Thursday.

  13. holy crap, my stomach is grumbling like mad now.

  14. "weekend madness" looks incredible!! i love breakfast. must try this place.

  15. I actually gasped in horror when you said you dropped the camera. Thank goodness it wasn't too damaged. That little breakfast place looks good. I'll have to try it sometime very soon.


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