Sunday, September 7, 2008

Manny Happy Returns

As you know, we love going Dodger games, especially with Brother Monkey and Torry.
dodgers 015
dodgers 016
dodgers 082
Last week, I saw Manny Ramirez in a Dodger uniform live for the first time. He constantly bites his nails. So weird! 'Twas fun watching his dreads in action.
dodgers 027
dodgers 086
dodgers 039
dodgers 047
dodgers 058dodgers 059
dodgers 065dodgers 064
dodgers 072
Pics of eats. Of course.
dodgers 017
dodgers 018
dodgers 028
dodgers 080
For the first time, I found some beach ball action amusing. Usually, the stupid 99-cent beach balls bounced about the crowd annoy me to no end. It's hard to say what I hate more -- beach balls or The Wave. But even I was delighted by the gigantic inflatable baseball that made the rounds last Wednesday.
dodgers 089
Someone proposed to his girlfriend. I thank Mr. Monkey for not doing this to me. I was actually worried about this way back when. We were in Seattle the weekend we got engaged, and we went to a Sonics game and a Mariners game. There was at least a slim possibility of such public ridiculousness.
dodgers 083
dodgers 084
dodgers 085
And then there was High Pants Guy. He's on the left. Normal Pants Guy is on the right for comparison's sake.
dodgers 055dodgers 054
This may be my last game of the season, as we don't currently have any more tickets. We shall see.


  1. My dad could totally be featured as a high pants guy......holler for baseball!

  2. Seriously, I hate big screen proposals. There's no way the person can say no with everyone watching. I don't even like restaurant proposals for the same reason - I want to be able to say no. I'm not very romantic.

  3. I am not a fan of baseball. But I am a huge fan of ballpark food. That hot dog is longer-than-bun-length. Looks good!

  4. I'm not a fan of public marriage proposals. Too much of a show :-P

  5. i hate cheesy public proposals, but i love hot dogs!!!

  6. Yay Dodgers! Can't believe they've ended up in first place. Food looks fantastic!

  7. Your new avatar is stressing me out. :/

  8. i like the baseball beach ball, too.

  9. love your shoes!! i would have died if josh proposed to me in a stadium. died.

  10. yeah, you know what i'm going to say:

    i think the cheesy proposals are cute. i always let out a big ol' "awwwwwww..."

    shocker, i know.

  11. Fun. Yum. Yuck. I'm sure you know what those refer to. ;)

  12. i think the mister will figure out another way in :)


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