Sunday, September 7, 2008

Case Closed

Glam presented me with the cutest little thing last week -- a Paul Frank cell phone case!
paul frank case 003
It turns out she'd found it in a discount bin for just $2.13! Amazing! I already have a Paul Frank case for my iPhone, but I knew exactly how I was going to use Glam's thoughtful little gift.
paul frank case 004
paul frank case 009
Perfect fit!


  1. Perfect fit. So many monkey posts today...I'm thrilled!

  2. so sweet! perfect use for it, too!

  3. you know i love it.

    and that is one hell of a steal!

  4. Hey, did you get my picture message about my cell phone case? Same was in a discount bin so I scooped it up for under $3 for my new phone. Similar design and same graphics. Wheeeee!

  5. eeks!

    i love having cheap fetishes like my Hello Kitty one and your PF one. Everyone always thinks to pick up the most adorably random trinkets ;)


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