Saturday, September 13, 2008

Less Bang for Your Duck

In a nondescript San Gabriel strip mall sits a nondescript Japanese restaurant with a bizarre description of a sign and logo.
ducks curry 002
ducks curry 010
Ducks Restaurant (1381 E. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel) does not serve duck. It is a curry house that also offers a few other traditional Japanese sets.
ducks curry 003
ducks curry 004
The name of the restaurant makes zero sense, save the few "ducks" that adorn the interior. But even those don't make sense. My quotation marks are pointedly placed. As Little Monkey Niece aptly noted, the "ducks" looked more like geese.

LMN: Goose! Goose!
LMN's Mom: No, sweetie those are ducks.
Monkey: I'm with LMN. Those are totally geese.

I should've taken a close-up for you to judge for yourself. Trust me, though. They looked like geese. LMN is one smart little cookie.
ducks curry 012
Tough times call for tough prices. I loved this incredibly formal, terribly mangled explanation.
ducks curry 005
Notwithstanding its odd ode to waterfowl, Ducks Restaurant has surprisingly decent food. I ordered a Calpico to accompany my meal. I love Calpico. I drank a ton of it the summer I lived in Taiwan. If you like pinkberry, you'll probably enjoy Calpico.
ducks curry 009
We shared some fried fish cake ($3.75). Not my favorite generally, but it was good for what it was.
ducks curry 019
Mr. Monkey chose the B-Set Dinner Special ($15.95) -- a mini ten-don and udon.
ducks curry 020
I opted for the C-Set Dinner Special ($15.95) -- mini katsu-don and ten-don and some shredded cabbage and miso soup.
ducks curry 017
ducks curry 028
ducks curry 023
ducks curry 027
ducks curry 022
Everything I ate was tasty enough. Not outstanding. Not bad. I don't think dinner merits the prices charged, but the lunch menu looks pretty reasonable. If you go, I say go for lunch.


  1. I can just imagine what went into the naming of this wait...I can't.

  2. Maybe that their last name? Street name of their first house? The college football team they hate the most?

    At least the food was good!

  3. hmm. i don't like other flavors of calpico, but i've never tried the original. and i DO like pinkberry.

    [adding to "must try" list]

  4. I only like original Calpico. All the other flavors are gross. Even Hello Kitty on the bottles can't tempt me.

  5. Love Ducks.

    Do you remember Hideo Nomo of the Dodgers? I believe he was a patron of Ducks as well. :)

  6. i'm going to keep my eye o ut for some calpico.

  7. That looks way too expensive for strip mall food in San G. No wonder they felt the need to try to justify their prices.

  8. the food looks tasty enough.

    how cute is LMN?!

  9. I was cringing at the note about the price increase.

  10. i prefer the OG calpico as well.

    i am so glad that price notice was signed "-ducks." it sounds like something i'd write, only without the engrish aspect. wordy and convoluted grammar, yes.


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