Saturday, September 13, 2008

Surf's Up in the SGV


When you think "San Gabriel Valley," you don't think, "Ooh! Let's get Hawaiian food!" But you can indeed sample some semi-palatable Hawaiian fast food in the SGV at Northshore Hawaiian BBQ (3010 N. San Gabriel Blvd., Rosemead).
northshore hawaiian bbq 001
northshore hawaiian bbq 006
Mind you, this is fast food. Roy's it is not. While Northshore is just a step above food court viands, I give props for its very friendly cashier, general cleanliness, enormous portions, and 10% discount for CIA employees.
northshore hawaiian bbq 004northshore hawaiian bbq 003
I happened to be the only girl at lunch. Kinda felt like old times. Note that all five guys above are dressed remarkably similarly. It sure is easy being a guy. I should try to lunch with them more often. Jarhead is rather good-humored with all the ribbing he gets for being a conservative, especially from Purell. Fun bunch.

All full-sized plates at Northshore come with two scoops of rice and one scoop of macaroni salad. Behold my chicken katsu ($6.39), fit for a giant.

northshore hawaiian bbq 008
northshore hawaiian bbq 010
Yeah, rather poor showing on my part. My leftovers served as another two meals. This ain't food for the dainty.

Frenchman wisely chose a pork mini meal ($4.99). Clearly, a mini meal is the way to go.
northshore hawaiian bbq 007
Purell's meat lovers combination plate ($7.59) -- BBQ chicken, BBQ beef, and BBQ short ribs -- was mountainous.
northshore hawaiian bbq 009
Is the food great? No. But I will be back. It's just too convenient, not to mention Baskin-Robbins is next door. On our way back to his car, Whipping Boy announced we were going in. We discovered "politically themed" flavors.
baskin-robbins 012
baskin-robbins  011
Whipping Boy and Frenchman got some sweet treats. I refrained. Aren't you proud? Then it was back to work.


  1. anytime i am near a hawaiian restaurant i *have* to stop and get an order of spam musubi. it's a guilty pleasure for sure...

  2. That looks really tasty! Ice Cream is too funny!

  3. Wow. That's really cheap food, even cheaper than the Loft by my old hood.

  4. i'm a big fan of l&l. mmm, macaroni salad. and spam musubi! ohhhh.

    just like my view on politics, there are things about both flavors that i really like. ;)

  5. That food looks pretty tasty. Cracking up at "Straight Talk Crunch!"

  6. Shakas is my hawaiian joint.

  7. mmm...that history in the mixing looks good. I wonder if they have it in my red state? I highly doubt we have anything that resembles hawaiian food. :/

  8. I'm with Wan, I'm a fan of L&L...but not the spam musubi. I only eat normal people foods.

  9. I was charmed by the cashier too. I love family-owned restaurants. Very nice vibe in there.

  10. I cried a little at this post because it reminded me so much of my good times at Hawaiin Drive In BBQ in Daly City. Good stuff. Miss the meat and MAC SALAD!! Surprisingly, it looks 100% the same.

  11. yum! we sometimes make the drive out to Shakas, which boasts some pretty yummy hawaiian food.

    i'm totally giggling at all the guys in the same dark pants and blue shirt. jim looks the same way most days. ha!

  12. I am eating Hawaiian food as I read this. Funny coincidence. :)

  13. hawaiian bbq is an easy staple for the bear and me. we usually get one regular katsu or bbq chicken, ask for macaroni salad to replace the rice and salad (SO much healthier). yay for cheap, easy, decent eats.

    to jane's comment--shaka's doesn't taste the same anymore! :(


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