Sunday, September 28, 2008

Every Day Is Like Sunday

When I was talking to Mama Monkey on the phone yesterday, she said she hoped that I didn't "have any activities" today. She reads my blog and thinks that I "do too much."


We don't have any plans today, except to have our weekly meal with Little Monkey Niece tonight. But we did make a short neighborhood jaunt to pick up our Dodger playoff tickets from the closest Ticketmaster outlet, Ritmo Latino.
Ritmo Latino
Ritmo Latino is close to the old beautiful Bradbury Building.
Bradbury Building
It's also across the street from Grand Central Market, where we grabbed a quick lunch to go.
sunday 012
sunday 031
sunday 023
sunday 024
sunday 017
sunday 030
These are times when I'm glad I always have a little point-and-shoot with me. I don't really "do too much," as Mama Monkey puts it. I just happen to document even my most mundane errands.
sunday 043
sunday 042
sunday 045
sunday 046
sunday 047
sunday 048
After surveying the premises, we decided on Sarita's Pupuseria today over my usual haunt, Tacos Tumbras a Tomas (which I highly recommend -- the gorditas are incredible).
sunday 027
sunday 036sunday 037
sunday 038sunday 039
sunday 040sunday 041
I agree with this little newspaper clipping. So much tastiness for so little money! The article is a bit dated, though. A pupusa now costs a whopping $2.40.
sunday 044
The pupusas are made fresh to order. This pic is way blurry because the owner of the little stand was giving me the stink eye, and I rushed to snap.
sunday 049
What can I say? I prefer asking for forgiveness instead of asking for permission.

We took our food to go and had a feast at home. Mr. Monkey, who is enamored with corned beef hash, was intrigued by the comparatively expensive salpicon ($7.25). It was ok, but I advise sticking with pupusas.
sunday 010
Here's our stack of pupusas ($2.40 each) and accompanying curtido and hot sauce. We sampled four different kinds: shrimp and cheese, carne asada and cheese, chicken and cheese, and a revuelta (pork, cheese, and beans).
sunday 004
sunday 005
One pupusa is enough of a meal for me, but I nibbled on a little of each for comparison's sake. Needless to say, we have lots of leftovers. I liked the shrimp and cheese the most today.


  1. Well you know I am already a pupusa fan... but I haven't had shrimp and cheese. Yum. I like any kind. And I love me some curtido.

    I saw this article in the NY Times this morning and thought of you. You've probably visited these places (or at least heard of them), but here ya go:

  2. I don't ask for permission either.

  3. I love that mama monkey reads your blog. I just got my mom an email address last week so I don't think she's going to find the internet anytime soon.

  4. Your mom reads your blog! Wow. My mom has no idea what an url is, let alone a blog address :)

  5. Best thing about jury duty: Langers. Second best thing about jury duty: Pupusas. I took a picture of the pupusa making woman too. On the sly. hee.

  6. i'm a firm believer in asking for forgiveness vs. permission.

    my mom reads my blog too. apparently, so do some other family members. this has ended up biting me in the ass a time or twelve.

  7. I love pupusas, and now I miss them. Our cleaning lady/family friend is from El Salvador and used to randomly show up with pupusas...sooo good. I like the revueltas but have never tried shrimp and cheese. All your pictures of Grand Central Market make me want to hop the next flight and eat til I burst.

  8. I think I would really like Grand Central Market! It makes me sad that this week I have to make separate stops at the cheese store, butcher, farmer's market, and liquor store!

  9. I need food like this closer to me. Or maybe I don't.


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