Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Brother Monkey has always been the amazing one in our family. The one with better grades. The one with better test scores. The one with greater athletic abilities. The one with more friends.

I could go on.

I've always been thankful that he was younger than I was. Living in the shadow of an older brother like this would've been near unbearable. It wasn't easy as it was.

I still remember, when I was seven, I didn't understand ratios. Papa Monkey, not known for his patience, was very frustrated with me, so much so that he called over itty-bitty BroMo. I sat there with tears streaming down my face, as I watched Papa Monkey walk BroMo through the basics of fractions.

Just minutes later, BroMo got it.

He was three years old.

I was still confused.

Why Papa Monkey did this, I'll never know. Parenting is hard, I suppose, but it seems rather basic not to pit siblings against each other.
When I was 16, like most other high school juniors, I took the SAT. But, unlike most other high school juniors, I took the SAT the same day my 12-year-old brother did. He was taking it for an intellectual talent search for "students with exceptionally high academic abilities."

As if the pressure of the test itself weren't enough, I had the added anxiety of wondering if I'd score higher than a seventh grader.

Lucky for me, my generally inferior skills were still decent enough to get me where I am today. And, even luckier, BroMo and I have a very good relationship. With time, I learned not be jealous. With time, I learned to be excited about his accomplishments.

Save Mr. Monkey, there's no one else in the world I trust and love more than BroMo.

And now I can and do brag about him to my heart's content.

Last week, BroMo had both the worst and the best week of his life thus far. I will not discuss the worst part, which is heart-wrenching and continues to be so. But the best part is seriously awesome.

I am overwhelmingly proud of him. Our parents may not understand or appreciate the magnitude of this recent milestone.

But I do.

It might even be more impressive than calculating ratios at age three.


  1. um, it's totally impressive and exciting and yay!

    When I was 16, like most other high school juniors, I took the SAT. But, unlike most other high school juniors, I took the SAT the same day my 12-year-old brother did. He was taking it for an intellectual talent search for "students with exceptionally high academic abilities." so i did something like this and discovered that i did not have exceptionally high academic abilities after all. ;). bromo is a smart monkey.

  2. oh no...I hope all is ok with bromo!

    and that has got to be the cutest picture ever - you both still look exactly the same!

  3. I think it's the Asian Irrational Parenting Syndrome. It's always a competition :-P

    But YAY for BroMo!

  4. I hope all is ok with broMo too, and yay for the good stuff!
    You both look so cute in the pic :)

  5. LOVE that picture. I might have to call my bro and tell him I heart him today!

  6. love this super sweet entry. i also was pitted against my sis most of my life, but despite it all we have become the best of friends. hope things get better for bromo, but congrats on his big milestone!!

  7. Wow! I think brilliant men are so super sexy. Yay for Bromo!

  8. asian parents just do that. my parents (esp. my mom) totally did that. lucky that i was the awesome one :-).

    does the great part have to do with his awesome writing job??? i hope everything's okay. fyi,love the pic.

  9. You're such a sweet sister!

    I don't think it's an Asian thing. My husband's not Asians (I'm the Asian one!) and he did that one time. I think it's meant to encourage the one to do whatever it is you're wanting them to do, but obviously, doesn't work. I told him, "do NOT compare them!" and, fortunately, he hasn't done it since.

  10. i'm thrilled and sad for BroMo. i so hope it all works out for him.

    and, the pic is priceless.

  11. I hope everything is OK with the genius that is BroMo.

    Given where you are today, I think the Monkeys clearly had an unfair advantage over mankind's gene pool. =)

  12. i love this. glimpses into sibiling dynamics are fascinating to this only child who always wanted a sister mo.

    Was just wondering how things were going for him with the new season starting. Glad tho not perfect it is gouda.

    kiss you and the non-smiling mo.

  13. It is awesome that you and BroMo were able to get past the academic competitiveness. My older brother is the genius in our family, so I did have a shadow to stand in, but fortunately my parents never made any direct comparisons between us.

    Hope the good of the past week outweighs the bad for BroMo.

  14. Love the pic. Love that you love your brother. And I'm hoping that everything will be okay, and glad for what is already okay.

  15. Awww, holler for BroMo. I'm glad you two have a good relationship now. I hope the sad (even horrible) part of the week will resolve itself.

  16. I think your love for BroMo is amazing. I think his accomplishments are too! I would be proud if he was my Bro too.

    That picture is killing me. In a good way. I love it.

  17. lol at your Dad... you're just as awesome WeeMo! Fractions are so 1982.

  18. fractions was my mathematical downfall. i was just talking about it the other day!
    but it strikes me you are both formidably smart monkeys.

  19. I hope the good is great with BroMo and the bad gets better. Yay for him!

  20. I love how you love your BroMo. And that pic is too too cute. I also lost both my front teeth at the same time. What's up with that?!?

  21. I have the same competition with BroKP, except for he is almost 10 years younger than I am. Can you believe the heartaches? Asian parents...sigh...

    Luckily, we also have the same relationship as you and BroMo do now.

  22. the "best" part is indeed amazing. even if the parentals don't appreciate it.


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