Saturday, September 13, 2008

Osho Mediocre

As I mentioned not long ago, my dear Giggles is currently observing Ramadan. Not easy! And I have been missing her a lot at lunch. Earlier this week, her doctor ordered her to eat something during the day for a medical test, so we had a lovely Exception Lunch with Bax, Glam, Prim, and our new friend Tennessee.

The San Gabriel Valley is devoid of good sushi. I am certain of this, as (1) I have never encountered any decent sushi in the SGV during my seven years in Los Angeles; (2) the SGV is populated with Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese people, not Japanese people; and (3) the restaurant we tried was recommended to us as one of the best sushi places in the area.

If this is the best, it only confirms that one should avoid sushi in the SGV.

But we already knew that. We wanted sushi, damn it. Beggars can't be choosers.

Osho Sushi (112 N. Chandler Ave., Monterey Park) is right across the street from Mandarin Noodle House, one of my fave places to get potstickers and Taiwanese beef noodle soup with handmade noodles. It's not that Osho is bad. It just isn't that good, and there are so many other yummy things in the area.
osho sushi 001
To Osho's credit, the premises are clean and uncluttered.
osho sushi 003
osho sushi 004
Here's Glam's beef teriyaki lunch box ($8.95).
osho sushi 012
My sashimi lunch box ($12.50) was pretty and fine.
osho sushi 015
Osho is a passable sushi option in this vicinity. I do think it is indeed better than other sushi I've had in the area, but, as I've already noted, that isn't saying much. I had a nice time, though. I was happy to have lunched with Giggles on her special Ramadan Exception Day. That's really all that matters.

When back at the CIA, I grabbed a quick shot of darling Prim in her slim headband, Versace jumper, red Dooney & Bourke bag, and adorable gray suede flats.
I made Prim show me the authentic Versace lining because I'm annoying like that. Thankfully, Prim is lovely and obliging.
versace 019
For a bit of privacy, I blocked out most of her face, but can you see why I call her Prim? I must take some more pictures of her other outfits, so you can see some impeccable coordination -- this particular outfit doesn't really do her moniker justice. I especially like when she wears yellow or green.

But Glam said I should take a pic of this outfit because I failed to photograph Glam's own homage to Blair Waldorf earlier this week. She thought Prim's get-up had a hint of Blair, and I agree. Blair would probably wear a bolder headband, colored tights, a snazzy belt, and/or a bright scarf to accessorize, but we work at the CIA. Not bad for an agent! Heh.


  1. Girl, at least you have sushi options. We have, oh, 3....maybe.

    Love the Prim outfit!

  2. prim is so cute, blocked face and all.

    um, i had to google "blair waldorf." i had no freaking idea who or what that even was.

  3. Prim looks adorable!

    I hit up Taihei on Garfield for sushi. I think it's better than Osho, but you know what that means.

  4. prim is very stylish!

    and at least the food looks good??

  5. you should totally start taking pictures of your friends' and co-workers' outfits...especially since you never take outfit pics of yourself :-).

  6. Of all people, I thought Wan would be into Gossip Girl :-P

  7. If I had the time or extra funds to go shopping, I'd totally buy the outfit (shoes and purse and all) that Prim is wearing in that picture.

  8. prim is indeed a very cute and apropos nickname for her. :)

  9. She is Primm and it fits oh so well. :)

  10. prim is so prim and cute.

    all my japanese friends are from the SGV or westside, neither of which have good and/or authentic sushi. sad.


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