Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pier One

The Bean had her first birthday party today at the Santa Monica Pier.
bean turns one 017
bean turns one 006
bean turns one 013
bean turns one 015
bean turns one 014
bean turns one 012
The festivities took place at the carousel.
bean turns one 122
bean turns one 037
bean turns one 052
bean turns one 051
bean turns one 018
bean turns one 019
bean turns one 020
bean turns one 043
bean turns one 021
bean turns one 056
bean turns one 100
bean turns one 034
bean turns one 044bean turns one 047
bean turns one 048bean turns one 050
bean turns one 060
Tutu much cuteness.
bean turns one 042
bean turns one 040bean turns one 038
bean turns one 029
bean turns one 041
bean turns one 116
Nursing time. Shh!
bean turns one 063
Dots cupcakes.
bean turns one 025
bean turns one 024
bean turns one 055
The Bean goes to town on her personal birthday cupcake.
bean turns one 065
bean turns one 072 flip
bean turns one 069
bean turns one 075bean turns one 078
bean turns one 084
bean turns one 097
Cleaned-up Bean.
bean turns one 106
bean turns one 115
bean turns one 113
bean turns one 121
bean turns one 118
bean turns one 117
Good time had by all.
bean turns one 102


  1. yay for lots of photos! too cute, and all the details turned out nicely...wan needs to calm down. ;)

    seriously sad i missed seeing all of you and the bean.

  2. Too many things that I love in this post:

    Bean is way too cute as usual--adore her tutu!

    Love green and pink. I wanted to eat up all that candy!

    Love the shot of her nursing with one hand over mama's mouth!

    Such a lovely party. Taking down notes for Mini-Glam's first. . .

  3. You got some awesome shots! Wan didn't even need the pro there! I look damn fierce in that tutu.

  4. wowow the bean may be the most beautiful baby girl i've ever seen! darling.

  5. Awww the bean is so cute with her tutu! The setting and deor was perfect. The cupcakes look so yummy. Your photos are very professional-looking!

  6. happy birthday, bean! she is too cute.

  7. Cuteness overload. I want to eat it all! The candy, the cupcakes, and most yummy of all, the bean!

  8. it was so much fun seeing you (all) there! sad that we didn't get the group shot while r and weatherjen were still present.

    i knew you'd get some great shots, but i refuse to ask my friends to do jobs at parties ;)

  9. Thta is the birthday party of my dreams (including the tutu).

  10. I'm going to dream about the Bean's pink tutu for a very long time! So. Freakin'. Cute!

  11. that's it. i'm totally rocking a pink tutu for my next birthday. What a cutie!!!!

  12. Gorgeous photos. You are becoming quite the photographer! I love all of the colors-- and HOW CUTE is "the bean"?

  13. The tutu is amazing. Love it all.

  14. She's too cute! I really can't stand it.

    Nice work getting coverage of the infamous lollipops ;)

  15. I love the pink and green decorations and candy. Truly a party after my own heart. Bean is adorable!

  16. Awwwww!! The party looked perfect! I love all the pictures. Did you use the fancy camera? She's such a lucky little girl.

  17. I want my next birthday to be like the Bean's birthday.

  18. wemo, those pics are amazing!!! the colors look really good too.

  19. These pictures are truly great. I know others have already told you so, but who cares. Add one more to the pile. ;)

  20. i want that tutu!!

    i can't stop giggling over the nursing pic.

  21. Your pictures turned out so well!!


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