Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mind the Lap

Do you ever use your laptop right on your lap? Do you ever get really hot when you do? I do! One of my favorite things to do is to play on my laptop while watching TV. Yes, I am such the multitasker that I have to do more than one leisurely activity simultaneously. My legs, however, have been paying the very warm price, and now I know that my laptop has, as well.

I got my new Lapinator Plus today. It looks like this:
The Lapinator is a laptop desk that blocks heat to keep you and your laptop cooler. (The Lapinator Plus is the model made for larger laptops.) CNET gave it a rave review, saying the Lapinator is "by far the most effective at blocking heat, and it's also the lightest, most comfortable, and...the least expensive." The Lapinator costs $24.95. The Lapinator Plus costs $29.95. I paid $7.10 for shipping.

Why get a laptop desk? Can't you just put a pillow underneath? No! Aside from the fact that a pillow does not insulate you well from the heat, a pillow can actually harm your computer. Usually, a laptop has a fan on its side or bottom. A pillow blocks these openings, causing the laptop to overheat and damaging it. When I learned this, I was so sad -- I'd been using a pillow for so long! Oh, my dear Vaio, I'm so sorry!

I've been using my Lapinator Plus for about an hour now. So far, so good. I can tell my computer is cooler, and my legs aren't hot at all. It's also very light and comfortable. Monkey likes it!


  1. ::as I sit here in front of the tv with my laptop on my lap, on top of a throw::

    Interesting. Verrrrrry interesting...

  2. i knew i wasn't supposed to do that, but i didn't knwo there was a gadget to avoid doing that! thanks!

  3. Seeeeeriously, I am SO getting one of those as soon as I'm done with the Bar. Right now I'm on the floor with the laptop on the coffee table, but one day *one day!* I hope to surf the web from the comfort of bed. Wow, my dreams are kinda limited, huh?

  4. oops...I'm totally guilty of putting iSaac (my laptop) on a pillow or thick blanket. Thanks for sharing!

  5. this is funny :) i often have my laptop on my lap...on top of a hardcover book on top of a pillow.

    and my legs STILL get sweaty.

  6. OMG...I am the queen of laptop on my lap. I neeeeed this. How did you know?!

  7. Bahahahaha!!! As I read this, I had my warm laptop on my legs :) S is ghetto style and uses a small wood cutting board (which is effective, I must say), but it's nice to know there's a real invention for this problem.

  8. it's pretty ironic that LAPtops are actually quite uncomfortable to use on one's lap (as i'm typing on my own lap).

    i use a large greek cookbook as my makeshift lapinator. because the edge of my mac is perched on the binding, there's a tiny bit of space for air to breeze through. i'm glad i could some semblance of function in this useless book.

    this reminded me of you:



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