Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Job Insecurity

Another person was let go on Friday. No grace period. Nothing. Just asked to pack up and leave. Rumors have been swirling about. Morale is low. Scary times.

I continue to work hard and hope for the best. It's really not a good position to be in -- busy yet unstable. Cross your fingers that the below scenario never comes to fruition.
To make your own fun (or not-so-fun) sign, check this out.


  1. And I thought I was the only insomniac!! *lol*

    They would be crazy to let you go...and if they are stupid enough to do it I know there are a million other opportunities awaiting you.

  2. That's insane. I know you're fabulous at work and ditto Crissy that they would be stupid to let you go. But I know no matter what, you will land on your feet. You're very talented at pretty much all you do, so I have no doubt you'll end up better in the end!

  3. You know I'll stand outside with the sandwich board sign....just let me know.

  4. When are we starting our own firm again?

  5. I have my fingers crossed for you!

  6. i really feel for you dear :-( just hang in there and i know things are gonna work out for the best. you are one hell of a worker and as the others have said, they would be idiots to let you go.

  7. But they CAN'T let you go. Someone's gotta keep you in Paul Frank underwear. I will write your boss a letter:

    Dear Boss,
    Please do not fire Sharon. She may be lazy and stupid, but she is good for the company because she is so pretty. Besides she has no other skills. You do NOT want to be responsible for the millions of cases of food poisoning if she has to work at In-N-Out.
    Mrs. Sharon's Mom

    There - that oughta do it. Let me know if you need any more help.

  8. OMG! I can't believe you wrote this BEFORE my next post! Eerie! :)

  9. aw, dude.

    (i really don't have more to offer than massive sympathy and good vibes)

  10. my fingers are uber-crossed, Sharon. And I don't think you have anything to worry about. You are smart, talented, efficient, effective, and just plain fun to be around. Whatever these fools decide to do, you are an echelon above the rest.

    Keep yo' head up high!

  11. Yikes. That photo hurts my feelimgs! Wemo - if they DO let you go, I kmow a milliom firms (well, okay, maybe 4 at least) that would jump your bomes im a heartbeat.


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