Saturday, June 23, 2007


I am thinking a banner with pics of me is too much.
A few iterations (you can click for the full effect):

(1) Initial huge and really obnoxious version. Me, me, me, me, me, and me!

(2) Fun with overlapping. No fun with legibility issues. Boo.

(3) Separate but equal. Not really. Lacks balance and cohesion.

(4) Less is more. However, there sure still is a lot of me. Hmm. So vain.

[Decided to tinker some more after reviewing five reader comments...]

(5) Modified #3 by shrinking me and enlarging the text. Added a barrel.

(6) Deleted all of me from #5. Ah, minimalism always wins.

Opinions? Suggestions? Yes, I was bored.


  1. Yeah it is a little much. I'd cut the amount of pictures down by half.

  2. i love it...then again, i'm that type of chick.

  3. that's a whole lot o'monkey ;)

  4. I like what you chose..but I like the pics too (you look so cute in every single one!)

  5. yeah, definately six i'd say!

  6. The last one is my fave even though I love the monkey mug.


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