Monday, June 18, 2007

Let the Cold War Begin!

Yesterday, we went to Little Tokyo to get some yogurt from cé fiore, which, as I blogged about before, is a tasty facsimile of the wildly popular pinkberry (whose website, much to my dismay, no longer has its full version of this catchy little ditty).

As we pulled into the loading zone in front of the Japanese Village Plaza, what did I spy directly across the street from cé fiore?

Unbelievable! A new pinkberry under construction! Just a few steps away! It's like Starbucks versus The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! McDonald's versus Burger King! Borders versus Barnes & Noble!

Well, not exactly. More like David versus Goliath. Poor cé fiore. I fear that not even its four flavors (original, green tea, blackberry, and pomegranate) and mochi can save it from the new behemoth that is pinkberry.

The good part of pinkberry's Starbucks-ization is that I am now one step closer to my long-anticipated head-to-head yogurt taste challenge. I will no longer have to rush one yogurt surrounded by ice in a cooler, as if it were a delicate organ to its new host, for an accurate comparison.


  1. Ummm maybe Pinkberry could stop building a storefront on every LA corner long enough to get down to OC? You think its bad going from one store across town to another? Try an hour drive on the 405!

  2. I unfortunately do not have the luxury of checking out pinkberry. While I heard NYC has one, I'm pretty sure Boston is lacking. (which explains why i thought it was a cute new phone or something). Perez Hilton always writes about it though. he had this funny quip yesterday~

  3. I was in Koreatown last weekend and in two strip malls within a block of each other there was an "Iceberry" and a "Snowberry."


  4. i thought i liked pinkberry when i tried it, but after having 21 choices about four times in the last week...meh.

    but if they ever open that pasadena store that's been "coming soon" for months, i'll give it another shot.

  5. Still have to try it. Looking forward to your head to head taste challenge. Kinda like the Pepsi/Coke taste challenge back in the day. You should totally do it blindfolded just to be fair.

  6. Not a Pinkberry fan. Just can't get into it.


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