Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just Another Manic Fund Day

Why do people bring their kids' fundraiser shit to work? Girl scout cookies, magazine subscriptions, gift wrap, chocolate, etc. Yuck. I'm not made of money. I don't want overpriced mediocre candy. I don't even know your kid.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do make one exception. I buy stuff from my own assistant (whose kids I have actually met). But, seriously, don't approach me to buy crap if I don't even work with you, especially if it's the same damn crap that I just bought from my own assistant. Don't show me pictures of the kids I'll be supporting. They will not sway me. If anything, they will anger me. Yes, anger me. Why? There is no way I'm buying anything to support the group of tiny little sparkly cheerleaders you're waving in my face. Don't you know those are the girls who made my childhood miserable? Why would I buy hideous gift wrap to send my tormentors to spirit camp?

Yeah, call me Scrooge. I'm sorry, but I just don't want to buy the same shit from a dozen different people for causes I don't care to support.


  1. And that, my dear, is why I never ask people outside of family to buy stuff for Lil Man's fundraisers. Even then I make him do it.

  2. I hate it, too. And working at a school, I have all kinds of people asking me for money constantly...and then expect I should give it, as if I love kids or something (due to profession). This is not the case.

    You know my school put fliers in all the teachers' mailboxes asking us to pay $50 to sponsor kids at some sports medicine competition?! I was pissed...as if THEY (the school) shouldn't pay for something like that?!

    You can tell I'm at the end of the school year with how bitter and grumpy I am currently :)

  3. having been there, all i can say in my defense is that i never went around to ask people to buy shit. i'd just put a flyer in the break room and if someone wanted to buy something, they could just let me know.

    but i never bought shit from folks i didn't know either. or, if i didn't like 'em, eff 'em. heh.


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