Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Duck Beats Tiger

Today we went to see my dad. He lives in the middle of nowhere. Actually, my dad lives on the sun. It's that hot there.

After having some tasty Indian food, we all settled in on his couch and watched the U.S. Open Championship. Angel Cabrera became the first South American (he's from Argentina, to be exact) to win. Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk tied for second. "Finishing second is not fun. To play so hard and come up short, it’s just disappointing," Woods said. Poor Tiger. It's his first Father's Day. Well, almost. The baby isn't quite here yet, so maybe it doesn't really count.
Even though our beloved Woods fell short by one stroke, we enjoyed watching Cabrera, who is known as "El Pato" in Argentina. (He walks like a duck.) It was the first time I saw a fat guy who smoked cigarettes in between holes win a golf championship. He smoked! While playing! On the course! And won! Sweet.


  1. I love how the announcer kept calling him Pat-o in the gringo accent. I laughed every time.

  2. I used to live on the sun as well:)

  3. i'm glad to see that you managed to return home from the sun relatively unscathed!


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