Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby Shower Squared

It is Summer 2008, and everybody I know is pregnant.

Exaggeration? Perhaps.

But not that much.

We convened at The Peninsula Beverly Hills today to shower mothers-to-be Nanette and California Girl with love and good cheer.
peninsula 005peninsula 007
peninsula 009
peninsula 010
Secluded from the masses in a private room, our hosts spread their personal touch all around, and we felt comfortable being as jolly as we wanted. No worries of being shushed!
peninsula 037
peninsula 035
peninsula 020
peninsula 030
peninsula 026
peninsula 024
peninsula 028
peninsula 042
peninsula 043
peninsula 036
peninsula 018
peninsula 040
peninsula 041
peninsula 054
California Girl and Nanette arrive!
peninsula 044
peninsula 045
peninsula 049
peninsula 050
We wished our guests of honor well in photobooks.
peninsula 107
peninsula 113
peninsula 117
peninsula 100peninsula 101
One thing about this group is that we don't settle when it comes to food. Today was no exception.

Strawberries and cream.
peninsula 068
Three tiers of goodies between every other person!
peninsula 084
Tea sandwiches included egg salad and watercress on marble bread, charred vegetable on wheat bread with pesto spread, smoked salmon with cucumber and preserved lemon, and chicken salad with Marcona almonds and tarragon.
peninsula 081
Plain and currant scones.
peninsula 079
Devonshire cream and lemon curd.
peninsula 070
Various petite pastries.
peninsula 080
peninsula 077
I chose English Breakfast tea. Other options were chamomile and a citrus blend.
peninsula 072
We played only two games. (Thank you, hosts!) This left plenty of time to chat and laugh about everything and nothing. Trisha, tater, and I won the first game in which we identified everybody's baby pictures.
peninsula 085
And then there was this game.
peninsula 093
peninsula 096
peninsula 097
peninsula 098
California Girl and Nanette opened our group gifts.
peninsula 088peninsula 086
peninsula 106
Gotta love group gifts.
peninsula 104
peninsula 116
Gotta love baby shower twofers.


  1. Wow! That's the fanciest baby shower I've seen pictured outside of a tabloid magazine. Love the color scheme. Well done!

  2. mmmm...the food looks yummy! even though I almost lost my breakfast after seeing the diaper. barf.

    congrats to the two lovely preggo ladies!

  3. What a wonderful recap. You are truly talented, my dear! Yesterday was really so wonderful, I am still so touched! You are all such an incredible group of gals.

  4. What an awesome baby shower squared!

    Congrats to the mommies to be!

  5. I knew your pictures would capture the essense of the location better than mine. Yesterday was so much fun for so many reasons. Congrats to the mommas again!

  6. i just wanna party with you guys! thanks for sharing the pics!

  7. I pink puffy heart this recap! And I'm so blessed to have been a co-guest of honor. :) THANKS AGAIN!

  8. Such a beautiful baby shower . . . I'm so sad I missed this.

  9. awww looks like a blast, made me feel like i was there! The mommies to be look fabulous!

  10. The food looks delicious! Especially those sandwiches...I think I'm drooling just a little bit.

  11. WOW!!!!!

    Gorgeous! Looked like a blast!

  12. omg Aline stole my words - WOW!! That shower is definitely worthy of the two mommies-to-be. They are really lucky to have friends that would put so much thought into the party. I'm seriously awestruck, everything looked so beautiful, including the guests but not including the poopy diaper. Very well done indeed!

  13. yay!

    thanks for recapping quickly and being the photographer. so much better than the blurry, grainy mess i would have had to remember our fun baby shower twofer by.

    why is the poopy diaper getting no love? never mind.

  14. the diaper is going to give me nightmares tonight.

  15. I think I just overdosed on adorableness. Yay for pretty showers! Yay for such cute details! Yay for only 2 games! (Merciful hostesses)

  16. Beautiful shower! You ladies did an amazing job ;)

  17. i knew your recap would be the bestest ever.

    mine's going to suck in comparison. ;)

  18. you gals sure know how to do things up right in California! excellent photos, looks like such a nice day.

  19. wow, everything looked so gorgeous! what an awesome group of friends for these two mommies-to-be to have!

  20. Great recap. So glad u were the photographer cuz the photos turned out amazing.

    I just drooled all over my self when i saw the sandwiches. Yum.

  21. Amazing picture recap!!! I am so linking up to this! :)

  22. everything looks amazing! looks like so much fun, i love it.

  23. great pictures! great recap!

    such a fun day. i'm still sad i had to bail early :/

  24. What a lovely shower! The guests of honor looked beautiful (as did you all).

  25. super duper pooper cutes. love the pink and green. and the maxi on tater and the gladiators on lilcee.

  26. That is one baby shower I might actually attend. Although, I have to say, I can't handle the poop game.


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