Thursday, August 7, 2008


What am I going to do on Wednesday and Thursday nights?

What do you think of the winner?

[WARNING: Comments contain spoilers.]


  1. i've actually never seen an entire episode, but i had to share i find it highly adorable that my father-in-law is a HUGE fan. he even went to a taping this season!! haha

  2. Katee was my favorite, but I was happy to see Joshua win.

    I enjoyed the entire episode-- I only FF through a few parts. I liked almost all of the dances chosen by the judges. I was surprised by Mary's number-- wow I'd love to have her legs!

    Overall, a great season. I am sad it's off the air until May :(

  3. I'm surprised. I didn't realize he had such a fan base.

  4. I think all 4 were fab. I'm so happy for Joshua because I think that out of all of them, he would really treasure it the most. I'm not so sure about the "untrained" spin they put on him. They showed him in class when he was little, right?! Either way, he's amazing and I hope he does awesome things with it.

  5. You know who I was rooting for, but if he had to lose to anyone, I was glad he lost to the winner! (was that cryptic and non-spoiler enough for you?) You know how I love writing in code.

    And don't worry, just a couple weeks till Top Model starts!!!!

  6. I'm not too surprised with the result and I honestly didn't care who won once the final four were set.

    So did Katee get the $50K because she was 2nd place? The other two didn't get anything, right?

    Last night's episode made up for the hot mess of performances on Wed. Loved seeing the judge's favorites, the judges dancing, Debbie Allen and contestants from past seasons. This one will be staying on the DVR for a while.

    Last year it was clear Nigel was pushing for a female winner, this year he was pushing for an "untrained" hip hop dancer to win, who will be the chosen one for next season?

  7. "In the words of Lil Cee, [his selection] was like the dramatization of the creation of a musicalization of the inspiration of the sould."

    In my own words, "He a'aight."

    I do want to point out, however, that the powers that be clearly did noy want Courtney to win. While I think Katee is obviosuly the better dancer, they could've at least given Courtney a fair shot. Did anyone else notice her horrible costumes on Weds night?! That was just mean and unfair! Those awful plaid pants wouldn't look good on anyone and who performs the jive with mocassin boots and no skirt???!!!

  8. i've never really been able to get into it, but i watched last night. i thought it was cool that a street dancer won.

    and, um, i might have watched to see the jonas brothers. bow tie and all.

  9. I am sitting here giggling at "street dancer."

  10. Okay so my DVR decided NOT to record Wed. while we were on vacation. We were devastated, to put it mildly. At least we had Thursday. I really thought Katee was the best of them all but I understood why Josh won. Once Katee was out, I was rooting for him.

  11. i would have been okay if anyone except courtney won, even though i thought katee was the best dancer of the bunch... at least of the bunch that were left after they booted will :/

    the whole finale episode was awesome. the dances they brought back were great to see again, especially the pas de deux and that crazy mia michaels routine w/ twitch and katee.

    btw, just saw that cedric from last season is starting to teach hip hop at debbie allen's dance academy starting next month. so cool!


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