Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Annual Shearing

I'm really bad about taking care of my hair, but even I realized recently that my hair was an unruly mess. Enter Salon Eleven.
salon eleven 012
salon eleven 010
salon eleven 009
As pleased as I was with my last haircut in early September 2007, I decided to find a new place closer to home in an attempt to increase my motivation to maintain better upkeep. If it only takes three minutes to get to my salon, I'll be more likely to return on a regular basis, right?

Salon Eleven has a modern industrial loft feel that I love. Greg at reception is professional and friendly, and everybody is rather welcoming. There is no snobbishness here. The cool gray concrete and warm employees make a good combination.
salon eleven 004
salon eleven 005
When you sit down for your consultation, you're offered water, gourmet tea or coffee, or even wine in the evening. The salon also takes cares of your four-legged friends.
salon eleven 007
My personable stylist Molly, a recent Savannah, Georgia transplant, snipped, razored, and tamed my terribly long locks. I bid farewell to about four inches of my limp, lifeless mane.
salon eleven 001salon eleven 003
peninsula 002
What a difference an hour or so makes. Given the ambience, service, and expertise, I think what I paid was a steal. If you live or work downtown, get thee to Salon Eleven, stat.

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  1. you look beyond lovely, but i still can't get over the fact that your last haircut was Sept 07!!!

  2. you look amazing! Don'tcha just loooove how your hair feels after a cut??

  3. You look great! That reminds me, I need to blog about my own recent hair adventure.

  4. Wow! They did a great job. I'm gonna have to chat with you offline to see what you consider to be a steal. The place I like is too spendy, so I got a haircut at the mall last time and it shows. :(

  5. I really like how effortless and flowy your new locks look. Frames your face out much better.

  6. Oooh I like your haircut! I may have to try your place when I get back to LA because the place I tried here was awful. Just awful. Ewww.

  7. pretty! and looked great in person, too.

  8. I love your haircut. You look great!

  9. you DID hit up the salon! it looked so cool when we walked by a few weeks ago.

    i like the new 'do, dude :)

  10. I really love this cut. But really, I am so jealous of the money you must save by only getting your hair cut once a year!

  11. I love it. This is exactly what I need. I'm trying to find a new place, but I think yours is a wee bit far.

  12. She did a fabulous job on the layering.

    I can see why u say it's a steal since other salons that grade would've started at $75.

  13. Gorgeous! We are such twinsies, now that the wedding of the century is over I'm scheduling my own shearing - but I'll be going a lot shorter than you!

    And I'm a couple hours early, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Now I don't have to worry about forgetting tomorrow.

  14. Wow, your hair looks incredible. Please maintain.


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