Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mi Amiga Boricua

Glam invited Giggles, Bax, and me to her home for a delicious Puerto Rican lunch on Friday. It was a last hurrah before Glam returns to work in two weeks.
glam cooks 009
Here's the reason for Glam's absence these past few months.
glam cooks 022
Glam prepared platanos maduros and tostones right before our eyes.

Platanos maduros.
glam cooks 014
glam cooks 012
glam cooks 016
glam cooks 011
glam cooks 032
glam cooks 026
glam cooks 027
glam cooks 028
glam cooks 038
glam cooks 029
glam cooks 031
Pomegranate white tea.
glam cooks 041
glam cooks 043
glam cooks 033
Lechon asado.
glam cooks 008
My plate.
glam cooks 045
glam cooks 006
glam cooks 049
Everything was muy sabroso. I can't believe Glam made all that! I am in love with tostones, and it was neat to watch them being made. Thank you so much, Glam. It was an amazing lunch, and I had such a great time.


  1. the menu sounds scrumptious! your photos are gorgeous, too. i love her tablesetting with the cheerful sunflowers. what a great way to spend a friday night!

  2. Could your friends please adopt me?

  3. Do you know the name of the tostone-smasher thingy?

    My friends are starting to seem very boring in comparison to yours.

  4. Oh my goodness, that food looks incredible! What a nice thing she did for you!

  5. Liz, I think it's called a tostonera in Spanish or plantain press in English.

    If I'm wrong, I'm sure Glam will set the record straight. :)

  6. Te nada!

    Thanks so much for the beautiful pics. I can't wait to get a nice camera one day.

    And you are correct. It is called a tostonera, but the ones that you can find here look different. They are made out of a blond wood, are shaped like a paddle, and are sort of carved out where you smash the plaintains. I picked this one up in a Kmart in Puerto Rico and I like it waaaaay better because it is flat on both sides so you can smash the tostones thinner. If I didn't have this one, I would just use the backs of two plates, rather than the other style of tostonera.

    Thanks again for coming. I miss you guys so much!

  7. Hey!

    Say hello to my fellow Boricua!!!

    Not too often when you find us in Cali!!

    My grandma makes PR food for us all the time.....LOVE me some Penil (pork) with Tostones!!! I'm

  8. tostonera or pataconera (how Ecuadorisn's say it, is correct. food looks scrumptious, my MIL is Puerto Rican so I get to enjoy those tasty delights often;)
    tip: tostones taste fabulous with a Mojo dip which is basically a garlic-infused vinagrette.

  9. so impressed! makes me want to experiment and try to make some tostones.

  10. Very impressive! Everything looks professionally made.

  11. what a lovely spread! that's quite a cute little reason for the absence, too ;)

  12. wow...if that were a meal for company on a saturday i would be super impressed...but just a regular friday lunch!? super wow.

  13. So super cool of her to make you guys lunch. My stomach is growling and wanting all of it. Mmmm....

  14. Oh man! That looks so good! Bravo Glam!


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