Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Long Wait A No-Go

Have you ever waited hours for brunch?

We have now.

After seeing 389(!) positive reviews on yelp and per the recommendation of that girl, we headed to Hash House A Go Go, where she and her husband met us.
zoo 006
How crowded was this place? There was coffee and water available for all us suckers.
zoo 004
It was small and cute, which is part of the reason why the wait is so long.
zoo 007
zoo 009
Everyone was really happy when we finally sat down.
zoo 013
zoo 012
Fun drinks: ginger limeade, kiwi watermelon lemonade, and blueberry mojito. Don't judge that a mojito was ordered. By the time we sat down, it was about 2 p.m.!
zoo 014
zoo 015
zoo 016
The dishes were Enormous. Yes, with a capital "E." Very tasty, but I felt so extraordinarily full only about a quarter into my meal -- like almost an uncomfortable fullness. This is not the place for someone looking for light fare.

Sage fried chicken benedict with fresh spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, market tomato, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream, and scrambled eggs with biscuit and griddled mashed potatoes.
zoo 017
Roasted pork tenderloin hash, charred tomato, corn, baby green beans, and mozzarella with crispy potatoes and topped with two eggs and served with fruit and biscuit.
zoo 018
Two eggs, sausage, potatoes, fruit, and biscuit.
zoo 019
Torry and a mini tree on her plate.
zoo 020
Snickers flapjack. It was the size of a medium pizza.
zoo 021
Smoked chicken scramble, sundried tomato pesto, spinach, and goat cheese served with crispy potatoes and biscuit.
zoo 022
Ground turkey hash, hardwood smoked bacon, onion, and smoked mozzarella with crispy potatoes and topped with two eggs and served with fruit and biscuit.
zoo 023
House smoked fresh salmon hash, cream cheese and scallions with crispy potatoes and topped with two eggs and served with fruit and biscuit.
zoo 024
We all barely made a dent in our meals. I think, if I ever go back, I won't get a hash because all the oil sits in the skillet, which is probably what made me feel so bloated.

But this heavy meal got me through the very long day that ensued. That's the next post!


  1. Mmmmm, hash! No love for the corned beef hash? That kiwi concoction looks yum, and do I spot a boba straw?

  2. yum. i need to go make a hash in my skillet now. yes, i have a skillet. no, i haven't ever used it.

  3. everything looks INCREDIBLE!! i love that they served the hash in cast iron skillets. ;-) i love me some skillet grease! your title cracked me up, too!

  4. This post made me full. Maybe I should bookmark it and read it before every meal to try to lose weight.

  5. OMG everything looks amazing!

    I also have to say... your commenters are so hilarious!

  6. Wow, plates are huge! No wonder why you feel so full. I see that BroMo is still not smiling for pictures eh?

  7. oh God YUMMMMM!!! Somehow the places I end up at for breakfast never end up looking that good.

  8. the drinks look so refreshing. i have to ask...why does your brother look so angry in pics?? is he one of those "i hate having my pic taken" people?

  9. Thank goodness I ate lunch before looking at all this food porn.

    People actually judge about ordering a mojito at brunch?! I'm too much of a lush to have that thought cross my mind.

  10. don't remember who took us there but i wanted to kiss them for it. very good despite the wait. i want to cuddle the kids torry and bro mo would have. too much?

  11. Oh my! I definitely couldn't make a dent in any of those. But I'd sure try. ;) Looks delish!

  12. I want to eat everything in this post. all of it.

  13. OMG, that place looks A-MAH-ZEEN!

  14. i can't stop drooling over that lovely watermelon lemonade. what a pretty drink!

  15. i just finished dinner and ice cream and i'm still drooling over those meals. yum!


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