Sunday, August 24, 2008

Heaven's Kitchen

I've been wanting to try Gordon Ramsay at The London, and reading Sable Crow's plea for me to go and take pictures and weatherjen's anniversary rave only heightened my desire to go. Naturally, when Diabolina asked if the Monkeys were free for a midday sampling, we jumped at the chance!
gordon ramsay 003
For those of you who are scratching your heads, Gordon Ramsay is none other than the world-renowned chef who has earned multiple Michelin stars at five of his restaurants (including two three-star ratings). He is also the big personality on Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.

Unlike these television shows, The London and Ramsay's restaurant are serene and beautiful.
gordon ramsay 006
gordon ramsay 004
gordon ramsay 005
gordon ramsay 073
gordon ramsay 008
gordon ramsay 009
gordon ramsay 012
gordon ramsay 013
gordon ramsay 014gordon ramsay 015
gordon ramsay 016gordon ramsay 018
gordon ramsay 017
Monkey! They were everywhere!
gordon ramsay 068
Sable Crow and Diabolina remarked that the dining room reminded them of the lovely restaurant on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman. I thought it looked very Marie-Antoinette-meets-the-21st-century. The alternating baby blue and pink with gold and chocolate brown was simultaneously elegant and whimsical.
gordon ramsay 019
gordon ramsay 057
I loved that Sable Crow wore not one but two of his namesake!
gordon ramsay 024
His whole get-up was rather dashing. We admired the lining of his blazer.
gordon ramsay 063
Diabolina and I both sported Tarina Tarantino Pink Head goodies.
gordon ramsay 043
Mr. Monkey and I were honored to join Diabolina on her traditional Mami Sunday.
gordon ramsay 040
gordon ramsay 042
The company was glorious. The food was glorious. Everything. Glorious.

Sable Crow's first course of risotto of green and yellow zucchini with tomato water and mascarpone was divine. I was so happy he shares food! Instant friendship!
gordon ramsay 026
Mami's first course of hand-dived sea scallops, cauliflower puree, and sherry vinegar reduction was delicious. She shares, too, and was a champ for accommodating my photos! We all giggled about the three cameras at the table.
gordon ramsay 027
Mr. Monkey and Diabolina both opted for a first course of tuna tartare with chilled cucumber soup and Granny Smith sorbet. The tuna was fresh and luscious. The cool combination was perfect for a summer day.
gordon ramsay 028
Mr. D's first course of smoked rainbow trout was too far to capture, but my own first course was obviously an easy target -- pan-fried dorade with gremolade, pickled baby cucumbers, and escargot. What is dorade? According to this New York Times article, it's "a small fish with tender white flesh, shimmering silver skin and, when grilled or braised, a rich, succulent, meaty flavor, similar to that of pompano or red snapper." Needless to say, I loved my new fish find.
gordon ramsay 030
Mami enjoyed a second course of roasted Jidori chicken with sweet corn emulsion and creamy polenta.
gordon ramsay 031
Diabolina savored her ravioli of roasted king prawn, fresh calypso bean, and seafood cassoulet.
gordon ramsay 036
Mr. Monkey and Sable Crow had the roasted top sirloin of Sonoma lamb, confit shoulder, creamed potatoes, pearl onions, and lamb jus. Thanks to the Famous Monkey Mid-Meal Trade, I ate half of this and relished every bite. I especially liked the confit shoulder.
gordon ramsay 038
Mr. D and I chose the broiled black cod, pig's tails with Kumamoto oysters, and celeriac puree. If you're wondering what pig's tails taste like, they taste like bacon! Yeah! Now pair that with some fresh tender fish, and you've got this beauty. Mmm.
gordon ramsay 035
As we readied ourselves for our desserts, coffee arrived in these very zen pots.
gordon ramsay 044
The Meyer lemon pudding cake with confit blueberries, tarragon, and buttermilk sherbet awakened my tastebuds with its tartness and fun. So happy.
gordon ramsay 051
The Valrhona chocolate fondant with brown butter caramel and vanilla ice cream was rich and decadent. More happy.
gordon ramsay 053
The pineapple souffle with toasted coconut and Thai curry ice cream was like a wondrous tropical fluffy cloud in my mouth. Bursting with happiness.
gordon ramsay 049
And then there were the complimentary petit fours -- chocolate-caramel truffles and passion fruit marshmallows.
gordon ramsay 055
gordon ramsay 056
Little bites that delight!
gordon ramsay 061gordon ramsay 058
gordon ramsay 059gordon ramsay 062
gordon ramsay 065
Satisfied are we.
gordon ramsay 067
Fashion show.
gordon ramsay 070gordon ramsay 071
gordon ramsay 072
Before we left, we explored the rooftop. Great space for an event!
gordon ramsay 076
gordon ramsay 077
gordon ramsay 074
We've been having quite the dining extravaganza recently, and we couldn't have asked for a better end to the weekend than guffawing together about certain crotchety Muppet Show critics and the ridiculousness of foams and smears (particularly chocolate smears).

Mr. Monkey and I love eating good food, but we love eating with good people even more.

Today we did both.


  1. ugh i'm so jealous of the food and especially the company. gordon ramsay is my #2 chef crush (after eric ripert).

  2. yay for the london! totally on the list. the hotel looks pret-ty cute, too.

    totally sniggering at "chocolate smears."

  3. amazing photos. thanks for coming. thanks for the laughs. we make an adorably nerdy six-some.

    when's dim sum?

  4. fabulous recap! so glad you enjoyed the restaurant, too!

  5. You're killing me, Monkey, with all of your delicious food pictures.

  6. i may very well campaign for birthday princess dinner to be at the london. looks quite fab!

  7. Oh, it looks so lovely! I swear, give up the job as a lawyer and go be a food critic.

  8. So.very.jealous. The London has been on our list since it opened, but after seeing those pictures it might be moved straight to the top.

  9. Yay! I had so much fun today Monkey. You and Mr. Monkey are a blast, and your camera is enviable! I'll be posting my post--a behind the scenes look at Weezer and Diabolina in action--in the next day or two.

    Sable Crow

  10. droooling over the menu & pics. i can't wait to give the restaurant a whirl soon! and you're right... the gorgeous cabanas and pool make for an ideal event space. ideas, ideas!!

  11. Uh, yeah, totally on my list. That Meyer lemon thing looks divine.

  12. When I grow up, I want to eat just like you... :) That food all looks so fantastic.

  13. Any place that serves complimentary petit fours deserves to be michelin rated, in my humble opinion.

  14. Wow. I'm loving all the food and I want all your dessert. (starting to sound like a broken record)

  15. I swear, give up the job as a lawyer and go be a food critic.
    Totally agree.I even showed H your blog and he was positive you were a pro food critic. Seriously and a great photographer to boot!

  16. Oh my. Five star post. Except my mouth is now filled with saliva.

  17. i love pink head goodies.
    lovely, lovely photos. i love your skirt!

  18. Everything looks absolutely amazing - the food, decor, everything. One of these days, I am going to impose myself on you for one of these HC+L dining experience escapades.

  19. You had me at "they taste like bacon!"

  20. HA! very marie antoinette indeed. I could see Kirsten Dunst lounging in one of the booths in the background (with sophia coppolas choice of punk beats playing as well)

  21. Looks pretty awesome. I really love the decor.

  22. jealousE of the food and the company. great way to end the weekend indeed!

  23. I love your pictures!

    I just ate lunch and wasn't hungry but after looking at your pictures I could eat again.

    I could snarf down those truffles and marshmallows pretty hard core. Yum!


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