Friday, August 22, 2008

Din and Ice

Yo, VIP, let's kick it.

All right stop, collaborate and listen.
Monkey's back with an old destination.
din tai fung 001
Xiao long bao come to you quite sprightly.
So damn good, eat them daily and nightly.
din tai fung 006
Will the thin skin pop? Yo, I don't know.
They're really hot, so I'll blow.
din tai fung 010
To the extreme I snarf my bao like a vandal.
Grab a whole bunch, all my body can handle.

Crack! These beans are filled with crack!
They go in your mouth, and then they attack!
din tai fung 005
Shanghai rice cakes rock in your belly.
Anything less than the best is a felony.
din tai fung 013
Then there's this soup, chicken noodle -- so yum.
You'd better save room in your tummy-tum-tum.
din tai fung 008
If there was a pork chop, yo, I'll eat it.
din tai fung 014
Check out dessert at the next place that we hit.
sinbala 022
Ice, ice.
sinbala 029
din tai fung 020
din tai fung 019
din tai fung 018
Ice, ice.
sinbala 032
sinbala 025sinbala 024
Now that the party is jumping,
With the sugar kicked in and the blood all pumping.
Catch up with friends without any rushing.
Sit outside, there's no fear of shushing.

Rollin' in my purple car,
It's close to home, so I don't drive far.
My girlies all hug me. Then we wave to say bye.
Was that it? No, there's one more high.

Jane had borrowed a little something from me.
To say thank you, she gave me Hello Kitty!
sigg gift baghello kitty sigg
Ok, that last bit fell out of rhythm, but it's after 1:00 a.m., and I'm just not Rob Van Winkle.

Thank God.

Great night. Thank you so much, Jane. I'm going to use this every day!


  1. woo hooooo, what a kickass way to start my friday morning.

    thanks weemo! have a good wknd :)

    now if i can only get those 'ice ice baby' whispers out of my head....

  2. Wow. You just took food blogging to a whole new level and cracked me up at the same time.

  3. so much better than my song!

    ahh! the sigg is too cute! i bet its rim will stay germ-free, too.

    why is the bean so stinkin' cute?

  4. oh my god. between you and tater, i'm just dead!

  5. thar was awesome, my friend!

    i dying of jealousy over your new hello kitty bottle.

  6. i am blown away that you used the word "snarf" in your rap. brilliant. ;-) i want the hello kitty aluminum water bottle!!!

  7. omg, I love this post! Rappin' WeeMo :)

  8. oh no! you did not just recap your meal to ice, ice baby. LOVE it!!!

    i heart this post so much! :-)

  9. I have no words. Except for jealous. Oh, and awesome. :)

  10. Are you serious?

    I know you are.

    That is the best, most hilarious, nerdy, awkward rap satire I've ever read that also KILLED IT on the regular.


  11. hey

    what a kick ass post!!!

    and the baby what a cutie!!!

  12. Oh no you di'nt!

    Oh yes you did!

    You rocked it We to the Mo! You're ridin' the Hot Tamale train!

  13. I enjoy all your posts, but this is a classic :)

  14. to classify you only as witty and funny is a sad understatement. this post is brilliant!

  15. I just peed my pants at this. Thank you so much! I'm at the office, at 5:23 on a SATURDAY and this made me laugh so hard.

    You are genius!!!!!

    loves it!

    *sorry I'm so late...catching up on reader.

  17. We went the the Shanghai Din Tai Fung. So yummy.

    I looked on here to see if you'd been the one in LA and sure enough! Plus it's got the monkey approval!


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