Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Work Makes Me Fat

There is stuff like this nearly every day. We are always celebrating something.

Homemade pineapple cake.
fatty 003
King's Hawaiian's famous Hawaiian paradise cake (guava, passion fruit, and lime chiffon cake with whipped cream and fruit nectar glaze).
fatty 005
Pound cake and brownies.
fatty 006
My loot of choice. Yeah, I tried both cakes.
fatty 009
And I washed it down with Hawaiian Punch.

Shut up.


  1. hawaiian bakery cake with hawaiian punch!

    so i guess your mom was right about working at the CIA for years making you fat. ;)

  2. YUM! Thank you for making me drool on my keyboard...

  3. Ugh! None of that looks appetizing at all to me, but I know I would've eaten all of it. I have some weird tendency to binge on free food as if I might never get a chance to eat again.

  4. i'd have had one of each, too. i can scrap fruit off.

    and hell yeah, i'd have had the hawaiian punch, too.

  5. Hawaiian Punch is delish. My veins are twitching just thinking of the sugar!

    BTW, I used one of your previous posts tonight to find where to get Indian food for dinner. Your blog is like Yelp, but better since I trust you :)

  6. The possibility of free food motivates me to go to work everyday.

  7. Mmmmn, the cakes look to-die-for!

  8. Damn Gina - working in-house means we're all cheapos and hoard our own food. Too bad I wasn't smart enough for biglaw :-(

  9. I hate to break it to you, dunc, but I'm actually in-house, too.

  10. Our unit actually has a monthly food fund. People who forget their lunch know to come down to our side of the floor if they need to scrounge up food. No wonder the diet hasn't been going well. :-/

  11. paradise cake is the bomb.

    our office is the same way, if it makes you feel any better. and yes, i sample all the goodies, too ;)

  12. I just ate half a package of sour patch kids, then I read this, now I think I will be getting a cavity. Or two.

  13. Oh god that looks far better than our Friday donut days.

  14. pineapple upside-down cake. yummmm.


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