Saturday, August 16, 2008

Enough Indian Food to Feed a Village

Sometimes strip malls house great food finds. See, e.g., India's Grill (428 S. San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles).
india grill 019
india grill 025
Mr. Monkey and Brother Monkey each ordered a mango lassi.
india grill 022
Torry and I had some hot chai.
india grill 031
We got vegetable samosas ($3.95) and onion pakoras ($4.95) to share.
india grill 029
The pakoras were so deliciously seasoned and crunchy that even Mr. Monkey, who hates onions, ate a bunch.
india grill 033
The salad that accompanied our dinners was unremarkable.
india grill 027
But then came our enormous platters. We each ordered a full dinner, which comes with the aforementioned unremarkable salad, saag, chana masala, naan, and rice. Entrees a la carte, of course, cost a bit less.

Mr. Monkey's lamb vindaloo ($16.95).
india grill 034
Brother Monkey's chicken masala ($15.95).
india grill 035
Torry's tofu curry ($14.95).
india grill 036
Papa Monkey's lamb boti kabob ($17.95).
india grill 041
My chicken korma ($15.95).
india grill 039
There was no shortage of naan. This was just one of two baskets.
india grill 040
We all sampled each other's meals and were very pleased. Everything was rather flavorful. Beware that "spicy" at India's Grill actually means spicy. Too often, food is wussed down for weak Americans.

Not here.

Brother Monkey's and Mr. Monkey's dishes were truly hot, so much so that BroMo even broke a sweat. I don't think I could've survived my sampling of BroMo's meal without taking a generous sip of Mr. Monkey's cool refreshing lassi. The server wasn't kidding when he winked at BroMo when BroMo asked for his dish to be spicy. Torry and I were glad we asked for "medium" spice.

Despite the deliciousness of everything, the dinner ended with lots and lots of leftovers because of the sheer volume of food.

I'm excited to eat this again tonight.


  1. i'm breaking a sweat just reading this.

  2. I pink puffy heart Indian restaurants that don't wuss down the spice level of the food. Yum!

  3. Oooh, I love India's Grill! We've been going there for years. It's definitely not Indian food on the cheap, but the quality is great and you definitely get a lot of food. I LOVE their chicken tikka masala. It's really one of the more delicious Indian places IMO.

  4. MH saw this post and is now begging me to make lassi...I love that their food is actually hot!!

  5. I am a spice wuss, I would probably die at this place! the pics make it look really good though.

  6. That's something I have to do soon...try Indian food.

  7. Reading your blog always makes me hungry.

  8. Ditto to what Winnie said! I do miss Indian food in Chile, the one place we've tried was unremarkable. When I go to England to visit family I always try to fill up on Indian since it's pretty reliably good there.

  9. God help me. Indian is seriously in my top 3 of cuisines. I am the biggest.sucker.ever. for masala, korma, tikka, raita... I knew I shouldn't have visited your blog on an empty stomach. :-/

  10. oh yum. i need some mango lassi stat.

  11. Omg...that sounds so incredible...

  12. i'm sad i didn't know about this place when i lived over there :(

  13. Yum! three cheers for leftovers!

  14. you had me at breaking a sweat. me loves. going there soon!



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