Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Feel Sad for Baby Petrillo

Mama Petrillo's (9082 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City) is an Italian restaurant in a predominantly Asian area.
mama petrillo 001mama petrillo 004
That should've tipped me off that it wasn't going to impress.

The place was old, dark, and wood-paneled.
mama petrillo 002
And then there was this gem of a sign.
mama petrillo 003
My salad was forgettable, but at least it had a mountain of cheese on top.
mama petrillo 005
I had some pasta with meatballs and marinara. I think I could make a better dish than this, and you all know I don't cook.
mama petrillo 009
Frenchman had some baked pasta with a huge sausage.
mama petrillo 007
This is Backdaddy's pizza, which is what most of my cohorts ordered. I should've gotten a pizza. Even bad pizza is still pizza.
mama petrillo 008
The lunch was fun, though. The main purpose was to meet my little doppelganger, WeezaMonkey, whose e-mail address differs from mine only slightly. My friend Harley mistakenly sent WeezaMonkey a message intended for me, which piqued WeezaMonkey's interest.


WeezaMonkey is a wee rising sophomore at NYU who is clerking at the CIA this summer. How wee is she? She was born in 1989! When WeezaMonkey realized that Harley (and everybody else on the misfired e-mail) was a lawyer, she thought this might be a good opportunity for her to meet a few lawyers to get a feel of what our jobs are like.

And so the Mama Petrillo's lunch was born.

Harley, Trackbuddy, Frenchman, Backdaddy, Giggles, and I shared our experiences and encouraged WeezaMonkey to figure out what she loves before she decides what to do for a living. Giggles was particularly good at being a career counselor. I wish I'd taken some of her advice long ago.

I probably wouldn't be a lawyer now.

But that's a post for another day.


  1. Too funny. Hubby's been talking up this place to me for months. Now I REALLY gotta check it out!

  2. a mini weemo??? shoot, she's younger than my brother. that's young.

    how awesome she got to meet you all and get some career counseling. :)

    the bear loves that kind of italian. :T

  3. not loving being a lawyer? you and Fiance would get along smashingly well.

    i wish i had a baby tam that i could groom to be all the tam that she can be.

  4. 1989? Crap!

    Love the bare feet sign. We don't have those in MN, because 9 months of the year bare feet = amputation due to frostbite.

  5. I grew up in the area and have seen the transformation but don't let that fool you. 25 years ago, when the place was filled with 25 20s, Mama Petrillo's sucked... evidently, it still does.

  6. the entire restaurant just looks sad. :-( i'm sorry that the food was dismal, but it sounds like it was a fun meeting! that must have been such a neat opportunity for weeza.

    i am a big fan of the "make sure you want to do what you're doing" club, even if it means your mom doesn't talk to you for 2 months. ;-)

  7. I wonder how it came across?

    Weeza: "I think I want to be a lawyer."

    Harley: "Being a lawyer sucks."
    Frenchman: "I coulda been something interesting."
    Trackbuddy: "I guess it's better than being a manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car."
    Giggles: "You still have time. Better really think this through."
    Backdaddy: "It's only tolerable because we work at the CIA."
    Weemo: "Hey, you're my doppleganger."

  8. Ummm why don't we let Torry and Mini-you come shadow me for a day. I bet it'll change their perspective completely.

  9. What a funny coincidence!

    And, let's hear the advice! haha :)

  10. Maybe I need a meeting with Giggles too. :) That was very brave and awesome of Weeza to take the initiative and meet you all. Brave or stupid. ;)

  11. amazing. wishing lil diabolina had this old bitter clown diabolina advising her ;)

  12. petrillo's pizza is tolerable, but i've heard di pilla's is better italian food (and just down the street!) :)

  13. the only thing that looks appetizing is the cheese. :/

    that's crazy about weeza, what a fun story!

  14. That pasta looks absolutely horrifying. On another note, I think it's got to be better to be a lawyer than to work for them. :P

  15. I love the idea of having a mini weemo at work. You need an intern asap.

  16. mountains of cheese makes any salad that much better. LOL no bare feet in the dining room? stay classy petrillo

  17. i graduated high school in 1989. i think i'm gonna hurl.

    mama petrillo's used to be the shit back in the day (huh, like in high school. hell). i haven't been in years, but i'm sad to hear that it's apparently gone downhill.

    and now i'm laughing at spyro's comment. tomay-to, tomah-to!

  18. brave girl. that was awesome of you guys to meet with her and give her some real world advice.


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