Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cuban By the Highway


While driving down the 10 freeway in the middle of the San Gabriel Valley, you may spy a nondescript building next to Target with "Mayumba" in red letters. It doesn't have the most exciting sign or inviting location, but Mayumba (3514 Rosemead Blvd., Rosemead) is a decent Cuban restaurant with reasonably priced lunch specials.
mayumba 009
mayumba 010
I'm told the place fills up for dinner, but it was a ghost town at noon. For that reason alone, I'll be back -- it's great to be able to get out and get back to the office in good time.

I was intrigued by a drink called Ironbeer on the menu. You know what I do when I'm intrigued.
mayumba 013
It tasted kind of like Dr. Pepper. I was amused by my glass, too.

Backdaddy got the bistec de pollo empanizado with white rice, black beans, and plantains.
mayumba 016
Purell opted for the palomilla a la parilla with rice, black beans, and yucca.
mayumba 015
I ordered a happy mixture of Backdaddy's and Purell's meals -- palomilla empanizada with moros (black beans mixed with white rice) and plantains.
mayumba 017
I liked my meal. My thin breaded steak was crispy, tender, and juicy, and the onions that topped it were well sauteed. The moros weren't the greatest; they were a bit on the dry side. I think I may opt for my beans and rice separated next time. The plantains didn't disappoint. I only wish I'd had more.

All lunch specials cost $7.95. I'm surprised this place doesn't have more business midday. Selfishly, I hope it stays this way, so I can continue having quick lunches here. It's not El Colmao, but I'll be back to Mayumba for convenience's sake.


  1. i love me some cuban food. yucca and plantains make me happy.

  2. Shaking my head in disapproval---it's empty because it's not good. You might have gotten lucky your first time on both the food and service. I've been there when there are no other customers in the entire restaurant (it IS always empty at lunch) and it took them 2 hours to serve me! And there are only a couple decent dishes. Others are very disappointing.

  3. <3 cuban food <3

    p.s. I'm glad you're back in regular blogging mode!

  4. I wish there was a cuban or peruvian food place around my house. I'd have plantains and moros all the time.

  5. I'd kill for some plantains now.

  6. plantains!

    i am selfish and don't blog about quiet lunch places that are good for getting back to the office quickly. i want to keep them quiet.

  7. hmm, the only cuban food i've ever had was at madre's.

  8. I wish you worked in OC so you could blog your lunch-ventures in places I could go more often!

  9. I love this place! Usually fast service (because they have nothing else to do), friendly waiters, and yummy plantains!!!

  10. in addition to japanese, i am also cuban. love moros and plantains. i repeat, we have to eat together soon. maybe breakfast. my bestie just sent me a list. will forward,


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