Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dim Sum in a Storage Closet

While Mr. Monkey went to his college buddy's place to watch their school dominate the first game of the season, I had dim sum with Brother Monkey, Torry, and Mama Monkey. We have no ties to any college with a decent football team.
happy harbor 002
Happy Harbor Restaurant (1015 Nogales Street, Rowland Heights) is always very crowded. I'm not exactly sure why. I guess the food is decent, but there's really nothing special about this place. See?
happy harbor 003
Today we didn't even sit in the real dining room. We sat in a storage closet because "no four table [sic]." Ohhh-kay. Note all the boxes in the back corner. Unbelievable. Hysterical.
happy harbor 004
Here is the lovely air-conditioning unit above our heads that whirred noisily under the harsh fluorescent lighting.
happy harbor 007
Atrocious ambience aside, the dim sum offerings are tasty enough. Rather than picking from carts, you peruse a menu, tally your desired dishes, and hand your list to your server.
happy harbor 005
Shao mai (steamed pork dumplings in a wheat wrapper topped with roe).
happy harbor 009
Lotus leaf sticky rice.
happy harbor 011
Jie lan (Chinese broccoli).
happy harbor 014
Fried bacon fishcake. Blech. Don't get this.
happy harbor 016
Three-flavor chang fen (steamed wide rice noodles stuffed with shrimp, cha sao, and beef).
happy harbor 018
Xia jiao (shrimp dumplings).
happy harbor 020
Steamed cha sao bao (barbecued pork buns).
happy harbor 021
Fried glutinous rice dumplings filled with pork and shiitake mushrooms. Excellent.
happy harbor 026
Xiao long bao. A far cry from those served at specialty xiao long bao places like Din Tai Fung, J&J, and Mei Long Village.
happy harbor 030
Dan ta (egg tarts). Burnt but still rather delicious. My family loves these. Mr. Monkey's family doesn't.
happy harbor 025
After dim sum, we went to Lollicup next door. Boba for a buck!
happy harbor 032
Yeah, that's a "C" health rating. We live on the edge.
happy harbor 034
Hours later, I still have no gastrointestinal problems. Phew.
happy harbor 035
happy harbor 037
I love my cutie boba-loving family.


  1. mmm... I love lotus-leaf sticky rice.

    lol at the storage closet seating.

  2. I'm a little disillusioned that something that was (a) fried and (b) had bacon in it didn't taste yummy. :(

  3. parallel lives. i am blogging about my dim sum in rowland heights as i read this/write this comment.

  4. I'm still gagging at the fried bacon fishcake. Usually you provide such yummy looking photos (and descriptions of photos), but this one just left me with no appetite for breakfast. Ick!!!

  5. dying at the closet. that is awful!

  6. BROTHER MONKEY'S TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got some kind of food poisoning yesterday from a gelson's salad bar. f.

  7. lol at C rating. You do live on the edge. If you want to cross off another item off your list (whole insects), I found an intriguing possibility...

  8. the college football lover in me wants to know what college mr. monkey was cheering on!

  9. Spotted: BroMo's smile caught on camera!

    How I miss decent dimsum. Sigh.

  10. we see BroMo's smile twice in one week?! amazing! (btw, he has such a nice smile. such a shame he doesn't smile more in pics.)

    C health rating?! yikes! glad to hear your GI is a-ok!

  11. It amazes me how they stuff people into chinese restaurants.

  12. heehee... you always get the best tables.

  13. so sad you had to eat in a storage closet! :/

    your brother is smiling! !!!

    i can't do "C" restaurants. after knowing all the crap you have to do to even get a "B", well yeah....

  14. fried + bacon = bad?

    i am officially sad.

  15. I have a Lollicup right down the street from my house. I thought of you and your boba loving family when I realized. :)


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