Thursday, August 21, 2008

Take Me Down to the Paradise City

Where the curry's green and the food is pretty.

Thai Paradise (909 E. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel) isn't the best Thai around by a longshot, but it's reliable, fast, and fairly easy on the wallet. Our recent visit cost about $12 a head.
thai paradise 001
thai paradise 002
thai paradise 005
We went on Wednesday with some friends who were in town from Denver, as well as some local friends. The two guys were Mr. Monkey's groomsmen and vice-versa. Fun!

Pineapple fried rice. Always great. Cashews make me happy.
thai paradise 009
Green curry tofu. Just the right amount of kick.
thai paradise 010
Spicy basil chicken over fried tofu. More kick here. And glistening goodness.
thai paradise 011
Soft shell crab. My fave. Crunch crunch crunch.
thai paradise 014
Pad thai. A decent staple.
thai paradise 016
Complimentary red bean and corn dessert.
thai paradise 017
You love this, or you don't. Can you guess to which camp I belong?


  1. i think you prefer green beans. and not the long kind.

  2. cashews also make me happy. cashews + pineapple make me extra happy.

  3. I love spicy basil chicken. I already had plans to make either that or pad kee mow this weekend-- now I am excited.

  4. mmmmm, cashews.

    red beans and corn, not so much :/

  5. this post is exacerbating my already ravenous thai food cravings!!! i wanted it everyday on vacation, but erik warned me not to be tempted by "mountain thai food." hahah i guess he was right.

    and i'm guessing you like the red bean + corn dessert. we already know you heart corn, and red bean is too tasty to hate.

  6. OMG. Your soft shell crab reminded me of the time we took my MIL out for her birthday and she ordered it. She considers herself to have quite the pallate but in reality the opposite is true. My dad tried to warn her that it wasn't the way she envisioned, but she insisted. The look on her face aftr biting into it was priceless. My dad ended up finishing her dinner for her. Ha!

  7. Wait, what did you say? I got distracted by the food...

  8. I'm a red bean fan . . . sorry green bean.


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