Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Objects of My Affection

I'm loving a couple of things right now, one of which you've already seen.
hello kitty sigg
I smile every time I drink water at work now.

The second thing makes my smile smoother.
green zone 030
I initially balked at the $8.50 price tag, but Mr. Monkey told me it was worth paying an extra two dollars for the "flava." What a dork. The dork is right, though. My lips got flava now.

Other objects of my affection -- everything at Green Zone. With every bite today, Bax and I kept asking ourselves, "Why is this so good?!" It doesn't matter how many times we go. It's a joy every time and worth another entry.
green zone 014
green zone 016
green zone 017
Of course, we drowned ourselves with the infamous passion fruit iced tea ($2.50). A visit to Green Zone is not complete without at least three glasses, preferably four. There is something magical in it, I swear.
green zone 018
The salmon triangles ($5.95) are incredible.
green zone 024
My organic Hainan chicken rice ($7.50) was delicious and light and made me feel good.
green zone 026
The lemon creme brulee was the perfect ending -- a classic with a little twist.
green zone 028
In a recent comment about my photographing food in restaurants, Shan observed, "You seem to have no fear! What's your secret?"

No secret. I actually am quite fearless about snapping away in public places.

My philosophy is that taking pictures in restaurants is really no big deal, provided you don't disturb other patrons and the people with whom you're dining are ok with it. You just whip out your camera and go. That's about it. If you look uncomfortable with your camera, people around you will feel uncomfortable, too. If you do it with confidence and a smile, it makes everyone feel at ease.

Sable Crow documented my food photography insanity on Sunday, so now you can see the method behind the madness. Enjoy!


  1. hainan chicken is on my list of warm, fuzzy comfort foods. yum.

    LOVE the happy sigg. :)

    yay for cranberry! my pear is starting to smell funky, 8 months later. :(. i'm almost done with it at least.

  2. cranberry kiehls?? i must look into this...

  3. SO JEALOUS! Of your Hello Kitty Sigg. I went to the Sigg website and they have shut down their online shop due to high demand. Guess they couldn't keep up. Boo.

  4. Oooh yum, I love hainan chicken.

  5. I don't feel uncomfortable taking pictures in public places, though I've noticed that (some) other people that I hang out with sometimes are puzzled by it.

    Love the Sigg bottle!

  6. I like kiehl's lip balm, but have never tried the version "with flava"!

  7. I must join you and Bax next time!

    Love your Sigg too. All the ones at Whole Foods look like tatoos--not nearly so happy as yours.

    And enjoyed Sable Crow's post. So cool to read about a meal from two perspectives amd he seems fun.

  8. K may go eat at Green Zone since it's got some of the same stuff as HK cafes! =)

  9. gotta get to the green zone! although, sounds like the next stop for dinner with my work besties is going to be din tai fung after hearing about our recent stop there ;)


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