Friday, August 8, 2008


Have you ever driven down Rosemead Boulevard and wondered what was behind these palm trees?
bahooka 005
Your favorite Monkey enlightens you tonight. Behold the ridiculousness that is Bahooka -- a place so cheesy that its website is hosted by good ol' Geocities!

Bahooka is the love child of a dark stinky aquarium and a rickety pirate ship.
bahooka 006
bahooka 018
bahooka 007
bahooka 008
bahooka 009
bahooka 011
The food is generally atrocious -- kinda like what you'd get from a school cafeteria -- although my "Famous Pile o' Ribs" was surprisingly "not as terrible as I'd expected."
bahooka 013
bahooka 015
bahooka 016
But, really, is anybody coming here for the food? This 30-second clip will give you the best feel of what it's like to dine here.

I must note that the little old man who served us was fantastic -- warm, efficient, and funny. He called Diet Coke "fake Coke," and, when he gave us our lollipops on top of our check, he said, "Here are some cavities!"

To say the least, Bahooka is an experience.
bahooka 019
The Hoff agrees.


  1. I *HEART* the Bahooka! You're right, the food is pretty eh. I stick with the appetizer platter. But this place is about the cheesy atmosphere and of course - THE DRINKS! Barbados, Pele's Punch, Fire Fly..the list goes on. And based on your descriptions of your server, sounds like you were sitting in Chico's section. He's great!

    Your post has reminded me that I haven't been in a while. I'll have to make a trip down to the 'Mead!

  2. i have fond (fuzzy) memories of a bahooka bowl and a very long straw.

    it's one of my favorite cheesetastic places from back in the day.

  3. my stomach turned a little looking at your pics of the sad salad + food. haha looks like an experience for sure!! i'm glad you checked it out so i am excused. ;-)

  4. I spent my entire youth driving by and wondering what was behind those palm trees. Unfortunately, my dining companions were never up for testing the waters. GREAT post and so glad you went!

  5. LOL at your little old man waiter.

  6. When I go, I only eat fried things there. It's hard to mess up something fried.

  7. Well if the Hoff approves it MUST be awesome.

  8. Thank you for braving the Bahooka so that the rest of us don't need to. :)

  9. I am cracking up at "the love child of a dark stinky aquarium and a rickety pirate ship."

  10. I once had a geocities personal webpage back in 1996.

  11. You know you've arrived if the Hoff thinks You've Got Talent.

  12. I'm dying to know what brought you there in the first place.

  13. what winnie said.

    and i always passed by but never dared enter.

    and if it's good enough for the hoff to eat without saying, "," then it's good enough for me. maybe.

  14. If the Hoff loves it then you know it's bad.

  15. I've been once. The food is sad. But I LOVED my drink in the big-ass bowl with the little flame in the middle.

  16. reminds me of trader vic's - except grody ;)

  17. i didn't know that place existed, but thank you for showing me what lies behind it's doors ;)

  18. Wow, it's a good thing they have that warning sign.


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