Sunday, January 20, 2008


Get ready. The groove is back, as R would say. And Nanette was right -- I was blogstipated.

But today's blog party at John O'Groats reminded me why I enjoy blogging. Not only is my blog my personal outlet to memorialize daily goings-on or to bitch and moan cathartically, but it's a means for me to meet new, interesting people and for all my friends to keep up with my life. It doesn't matter that I write about frivolous unimportant things. This is what makes my blog my blog. If I started discussing serious things like the Middle East or presidential primaries, well, that just wouldn't be me.

My new co-worker Bax said the other day, "I hate when people tell me they don't watch TV. I feel like they want me to be impressed with that. Well, I'm not." And this is why I know Bax and I are going to be BFF. I'm a TV-watching, shoe-buying, non-cooking mofo who couldn't care less about "heavy" issues, and I'll pick America's Next Top Model over a book any day.

There. I said it.

The pity party is over. Let the blogorrhea begin! (I'm not sure what's grosser -- associating that with "diarrhea" or "gonorrhea." Take your pick.) Let's see how much I can catch up before I go to an early dinner with my extended family....


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