Monday, January 28, 2008

What a Snoozer

Today was a totally unremarkable day. It's days like these that it's hardest to blog. I ate at the company cafeteria for lunch and had a salad for dinner, so I don't even have any good food about which to write.

I filed my demurrer in the morning without much fanfare. My supervisor had only a handful of changes, so it took all of five minutes for me to edit. The demurrer was out the door by 10:30, so the rest of my day was pretty much chill.

Lunch with Bax and Giggles was delightful, even if we just ate downstairs. (I must say, though, that my crab cake sandwich and curly fries were pretty damn awesome.) The great thing about making new friends is that all conversations are interesting, even if you're talking about the most mundane things. It's all about learning what makes people tick.

Not long after lunch, we had a long "attorney forum," which was oddly both somniferous and entertaining. We discussed career tracks, cross-training, distribution of window offices, and...the dress code. The dress code! Apparently, there has been much brouhaha about capri pants.


Then somebody noted that, while denim shirts and denim jeans are not allowed by the dress code, the code says nothing about denim dresses.

I totally lost it at the mention of "denim dresses." I was, like, snorting. And so were Giggles and Bax. I even had to wipe away tears.

All I could picture was something like this.

And how this would apparently be "work appropriate," while a capri pantsuit would've been prohibited by the old code.

Other than lunch and talk of denim dresses, today was a real snoozer. Not that I'm complaining. I actually like days like this. It just doesn't make for good blogging.

Finally, thank you all for all your nice words for Glam. She has been given the go-ahead to telecommute. Yay! The bad news, however, is that she has two complications: marginal placenta previa and an incompetent cervix. [Incompetent cervix?! What a strange term!] The goal of the bedrest is to help these conditions. We all hope that Glam makes it to at least 27 weeks, when she will then be injected with steroids to help develop Baby Glam's lungs.

Much love to Glam and Baby Glam! Stay strong! We're all pulling for you!


  1. *yawn*
    you should have come over and cut vents for me in my already-baked pie.

    i kid i kid! it sounds like a nice, chill day, good blogging material or not. i hope glam is OK. :T. boss was in a similar predicament, and she made it to 38 weeks, so i will send the vibes i sent to bosswoman glam's way.

  2. Denim dresses are required in a teacher's closet.

    It's one of the reasons why I must quit. Stat.

  3. You need to send this experience to BJ Novak. They need to make it an episode of the office IMMEDIATELY. (After the Writer's Strike, of course.)

  4. Maybe the older denim dress lady just watched Project Runway *shrug* Some of those denim dresses were cute. I am angry at Glam's cervix, now is not the time to become incompetent!

  5. between you and jenn, you guys really are living 'the office', aren't you? too funny.

    i really hope glam and her baby are alright. i can't even imagine how scary this must be. lots of good wishes to her and the baby.

  6. I was wondering why you were so active on the boards during "work hours" yesterday.

    positive thoughts for glam and baby glam!

  7. I wonder how they would feel about denim jumpsuits.......

  8. I am in love with the title of this post. :)

  9. Denim dresses?! I would have been laughing too.

    BTW, your lunch sounds good even if it was cafeteria food.

  10. What is it about capri pants that cause such controversy at law offices? An attorney at my office once got sent home for wearing capris. Then there was a "Caprigate" scandal amongst the clerks resulting in much backstabbing and gossip. As a non-capri wearer, it provides much amusement to me.

  11. Still sending good vibes for Glam.

    Sound like what my SIL went through with Liam before he was born.

    So I'm wishing her and her baby the best that the baby stays in there as long as possible!!

    P.S I'm telling your secret santa next year to send you that denim dress instead.

  12. lots of healthy baby dust to glam!

    i wore a denim dress the day the kid was born. it was as fugly as the one you posted. hey, it was the '90s.

    i remember the cafeteria at your office. it was quite a trek from my little corner, but it was always worth it.

  13. SNORTING at that dress. and thinking good thoughts for baby glam.

  14. How did you sneak into my closet to snap that photo of my denim dress?!!! Pretty damn resourceful little monkey managing to sneak past me as I lay in bed. BTW, if you think your day was boring. . . try a 5 hour power outage for "scheduled maintenance" while on bed rest! No Internet, no TV. . . My hubby has never received a warmer welcome home!

  15. Crab cake sandwich??? Yes, please!


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