Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Pho-Reign Food

Apologies for the stupid title. This is what happens when you blog 783 entries at once.

On Thursday, I had Vietnamese food at Pho Nha Trang, which had a "Grand Opening" sign hanging outside. Our visit to Pho Nha Trang was rather accidental because we intended to sample the Indian buffet that used to reside at this location. Oh well. Time for pho and bun instead of samosas and naan!

I shared some spring rolls with Glam, who was the one who introduced me to My Dung. ("Exotic Lunch BFF" is far too long an alias, so she shall henceforth be known as "Glam," in honor of her fabulous designer glasses and eclectic fashion.) The spring rolls were gigantic, and I really enjoyed them, if only for their sheer size.

Several of us chose to have pho. I also got a tapioca milk tea, which wasn't very good. (That's saying a lot because you all know of my love for boba.) The boba were a bit too squishy, and the tea needed to be a little sweeter.

Here's my pho with rare beef, flank, and brisket before and after my decorating it with Sriracha and hoisin sauces.

Bax's chicken and rice in a clay pot looked awesome.

Pho Nha Trang was good enough to keep me from grumbling about a bad lunch, but not quite good enough for a return visit when there are so many other delicious less expensive Vietnamese options nearby.

I liked my Thursday outfit because it was sooooo comfy, yet still somewhat prim and proper. Fave part? Pockets in my gray skirt, which only cost $20.99 at Banana Republic! See my gorgeous Gucci watch? Ooooooh.

I paired my modern librarian outfit with my Manolo Blahnik flats. They totally fit Thursday's comfy theme. These guys are even more comfortable than the brown suede Ferragamos I wore earlier last week!

And I forgot to show you the Kate Spade slingbacks in action. I wore them on Wednesday during my Target Thai trip.

I love how they look. So cute! Gotta love that pink sole!

But, alas, like Monday's Choos , these babies definitely need breaking in. It's good that I'm alternating between new heels and new flats for my feet's sake.


  1. love the outfit and the kate spades :)

  2. Girl, if you're gonna rock those cute Kate Spades then you have you have to pump up the nail polish color! Peeptoes just scream for red! I'm Really Not a Waitress is calling your name...

  3. If only we all had the dilemma of breaking in Choos, Manolo flats, and Kate Spade slingbacks. I hope the light is at the end of the tunnel for breaking them all in :) I really envy your shoes right now :) I'm really happy you love your new job and it's allowing you to have a life too!!

  4. i'm totally digging the manolo flats. and even cuter in person, might i say. ;)

  5. I am in love with those Manolo flats.

  6. I still can't get over the face the lady next to you made at you when you took off your manolos to show them off at brunch.

    After that she couldn't take her eyes off your feet...

    Where was my camera when I needed it?!?!

    Oh back on topic: I dig the KS's for sure.

    Too cute.

  7. Not original here, but I love the Kate Spades too! :)


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