Monday, January 7, 2008

My Super Sweet Fashion Diary

I just added Diabolina to my blogroll. She is the most awesome girlfriend of one of my former co-workers from my first firm. Why is she so awesome? She has a great sense of style and the best laugh! Here she is at my 30th birthday party last year.

Can you say fashionista? For some fabulousness, you should check out the blog she just started. Give her some comment love, and tell her I sent you! She grades her own outfits! How funny is that?!


  1. i may need to give her a read as i need some help in the dept.

  2. she is so cute :) i'll have to check her blog as i'm fashion stupid as well.

  3. ugh. am having major comment anxiety :)

    thanks SO much for supporting, sharon and her chicas!!!

    means so much to this little fashionista trying to lose weight and write more!


  4. Monkey recommended and Monkey approved. ;) I'll check her out for sure! :)


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