Saturday, January 12, 2008

Catching Up

I'm alive! Just wanted to get that out there because, when you have a near daily online presence, people start to wonder if you're ok when you don't appear for several days.

It's been an incredibly busy week. I worked hard. I played hard. I'm pooped.

To tide you over until I get a block of time to recap my most recent happenings, here are my results for some TV personality quizzes.

Grey's Anatomy -- No surprise, although Bailey would've been a fairly accurate result, too.

Heroes -- Interesting and scarily true. It's like I'm Machiavellian yet caring.


  1. I was one of "those" wondering about you. : )

  2. I can definitely see you as a Christina :)

  3. christina doesn't surprise me at all. hehehe.

    looking forward to the upcoming recaps from the week (even though i got the sneak peek last night. ha!)

  4. i can't wait for the recaps. even though i was there IRL for some of the "play hard" part.

    i didn't like my heroes result, so i didn't post it.


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