Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Panic, Police, Pals, and Perks

I brought my case file home with me last night to go through the whole thing yet again in preparation for my conference before the commission. I also woke up earlier than usual this morning because I wanted to get to the office in time to do some final review. I zipped down the highway and pulled into my company's parking lot. I even rejoiced at getting a pretty good spot.

And then I realized I'd left my case file at home.

I was frantic. Frazzled. Freaked out. I called Mr. Monkey immediately with the hope that he could bring me my file. No answer at work. No answer at Cell Phone #1. No answer at Cell Phone #2.


There was nothing else I could do. I revved up Big Red, peeled out of the parking lot, and flew down the streets to the freeway.

And then I saw flashing lights behind me.


I pulled over. The cop informed me that I was doing 40 in a 25 zone -- a construction zone and school zone, no less.


I burst into tears. Maybe waterworks would help me get out of the ticket. Nope. I told him I was really late for a hearing. "You're late for work? Don't worry. This won't take too long." I wanted to spit in his face. Of all days, today had to be the day that I got my first ticket in my life.

As I composed myself and wiped away my futile crocodile tears, my iPhone rang. Mr. Monkey! "I'm coming over with the file now! Don't worry! I'll be there soon! I know you already know the case even without the file. Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be ok." Mr. Monkey is the greatest.

I drove back to work and did my best to prepare while waiting for Mr. Monkey and my file. I then gave myself the deepest paper cut ever on my right index finger while flipping through papers galore. Red dripped all over my papers. Argh.

Then I got the awaited phone call. Mr. Monkey and the file were here! After all this, I still had one hour left before the conference. Phew.

At the designated time, I called in. (It was a telephonic hearing.) I waited and grooved to the lame music on the phone on repeat. (Hey, my door was closed, and I'd had a rough morning up to that point.) The judge came on the line, and I stated my appearance.

Not a word from plaintiff.

We waited another 10 minutes.

Still nothing.

The judge then attempted to call plaintiff. No dice. We did the conference without him. I was pissed. PISSED. I'd fretted and gotten a ticket and literally bled for this stupid conference.

And it didn't mean a damn thing.

[pounding head against wall]

The conference went well enough. I can't believe I got all worked up over this. After this harrowing morning, I was ecstatic to go to lunch with Glam, Bax, and K. No exaggeration. Ecstatic!

Siam Sunset on San Gabriel was our destination. Yum! So perfect for a rainy day! So perfect as a post-crappy-morning pick-me-up! The food was almost as good as the cheerful company!


The tom kha gai was a warm combination of sourness and spiciness. I don't even like coconut, and I love tom kha gai! I was very happy as I slurped up my soup.

The larb was delectably spicy and refreshing. It's a chilled dish of minced meat with onions and other spices. Glam remarked that the mint really made the dish. We also had two other staples: shrimp pad thai and pineapple fried rice. All tasty. And all for just $9 per person.

The rest of the afternoon sort of flew by. And, before I knew it, the clock struck 5. I blazed out of the office only to be drenched by a dreary deluge. Good thing I had my Paul Frank umbrella and some crappy Ann Taylor heels.

I drove downtown, picked up my pals BPLJ and Pescado from my old firm, and headed to Water Grill. Dinner was on them. Why? Because it was "business development." Whee!

As usual, my boys were hilarious. They even brought me firm swag, including an organizer with their contact info already written in. That made me laugh so hard.

What's more awesome than catching up with my funny friends? Catching up with my funny friends with fabulous food!

BPLJ and Pescado started with sting ray oysters on the half shell ($16.50). BPLJ especially loved them. (Note that the Monkey is not a fan of bivalves, which are not to be confused with bipeds, which, of course, this non-cannibal Monkey also does not eat.)

I had the blue and dungeness crab cake with harissa, herbed couscous and yogurt-lime-cucumber sauce ($19). My crab cake was meaty and substantial and yummerific. Both BPLJ and Pescado opted for the white chowder with Manila clams, Weiser Farm potatoes, Niman Ranch applewood smoked bacon ($14), and they were tempted to lick their bowls. No joke.

Pescado got the Maine lobster with bouillabaisse broth, tomato fennel compote, mussels, confit yukon potato, and sauce rouille ($48).

I had the John Dory ($36), and BPLJ had some delicious fish dish that I don't remember ($33-$38).

We all enjoyed our entrees very much.

Dessert was an amazing conclusion to a lovely meal. The boys were nice enough to indulge my need to share. Our trio of desserts included red velvet pudding served warm with mascarpone ice cream, cocoa nib streusel, and raspberry ($12); white chocolate mousse, devil's food, ginger cocoa sauce, dark chocolate brownies, candied macadamia nut and lime sorbet ($11); and coffee and lemon lavender creme brulees with warm cinnamon doughnut and lemon doughnut hole ($13).

The red velvet pudding was like a sweet warm cuddly friend in my mouth -- better than any red velvet cupcake I've had in Los Angeles. The white chocolate mousse dish was mellow and smooth. The creme brulee collection was scrumptious and very creative.

Heavenly. All.


  1. amazing title.

    i like when you alternate between crying and wanting to spit. i can relate.

    adoring mr. monkey and hating paper cuts,

  2. Mr. Monkey sounds so sweet! Glad your day ended on such a heavenly note. Yum!

  3. While your morning sounded like pure hell, your lunch and dinner are making me drool. It is 7:18 a.m., and all I want for breakfast is that Thai soup and the red velvet heaven thing. Mmmmmmm...

  4. quite the eventful day! at least it ended better than it started?

    it's all about the silver lining.

  5. Sorry for the bad morning.

    Reading this makes me so badly miss the salvation lunches with coworkers.

  6. red velvet pudding? oh geez...gotta go.

    glad food (and good company) made the day better.

    next time MIL makes us a batch of larb, i should consider sharing with my friends.

  7. Food makes everything better!

  8. i can't believe he didn't even show up. :/

    still haven't been to water grill, but especially after those pics, it's high on my list!

  9. doesn't food make a rough day SO much better? i heart tom kha gai and am making it for dinner tonight! yummmm

  10. I didn't even TRY the waterworks with my ticket. Maybe I should have.....

  11. Finally! A place you've been to that I've also been to. :) I'm really sorry about that ticket and the stupid cop. I tried to cry my way out of a ticket one. I'm obviously not a very good crier. :/ Dinner and lunch sounds like they took the crap out of your day. :)

  12. aw, monkey. i made all sorts of different faces as i read this post.

    but then i broke into a big ass grin when the food pictures came into play. ha! the food always makes it better. well, a little, anyway.

    and now i'm drooling at the thought of red velvet PUDDING. GTG! GTG! GTG!

  13. I should know better than to read your damn blog at lunch time [insert gurgling tummy here]

    Sorry about the ticket... yey for Mr, Monkey saving the day!!

  14. Oh no! Im sorry about the ticket :(

    That soup looks SO good... I wish I had some right now...

  15. You're first ticket ever? Do you know how many speeding tickets I've had in my life? Seriously... I still know the telephone numbe to the Inglewood court house because I had to call it so much. ;)

  16. you better appeal that speeding ticket!! you could totally pull a Good Will Hunting and represent yourself

  17. Mr. Monkey's sense of timing is impeccable.

  18. I'm glad your day got better. And ouch! That paper cut! It gave me the chills just reading it.

  19. Awww, you didn't deserve that ticket. But at least you had some yummy looking food to make up for it :)


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