Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mystery Meat and Happy Feet

I went to Lee's Sandwiches for lunch with three co-workers today. It was simple, fast, cheap, good, and clean (rated "A," my friends). Thumbs up to this purveyor of banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches).

One of these days, we shall see if Mr. Baguette is better or not. Until then, here's the rundown of today's meal.

Turkey and cheese on a croissant. Vegetable roll. I'm told the croissant was magnificent. Everything is fresh-baked, so I believe it. I had a bite of the vegetable roll, which was decent but not something I'd waste my time on in the future.

One co-worker opted for the "Special Combination" sandwich. All was well until he bit into this piece of "meat." There are two bites in the "meat" because I tried the other end to see what was so gross. Trust me. It was gross -- chewy, somewhat gelatinous, yet hard. I couldn't tell what it was; that was the worst part. My co-worker said the rest of the sandwich was good, though.

I had a grilled pork sandwich, which turned out to be very similar to bacon. Score! I paired it with a large iced Lee's cafe. And -- get this -- my sandwich was only $2.20. Double score! I happily munched on my warm crusty baguette loaded with cilantro, pickled carrots, and daikon. My iced coffee was yummers.

We also got something called banh bo nuong la dua or "bake [sic] pandan leaf cake." It was a tasty little spongy cake and was a nice dessert. The consistency was somewhat like a really dense angel food cake with more spring in it, and it wasn't too sweet.
Lee's Sandwiches has a drive-thru window if you're on the go. Very convenient.

My brown suede Ferragamo ballet flats were convenient, too. Yesterday's Choos were sexy and all, but I can't lie. My feet hurt like a mofo by the end of the day, and I was ecstatic to kick off Mr. Jimmy when I got home. Thankfully, I only had a bit of redness and throbbing and no blisters or breaking of skin. Phew.

In contrast, Salvatore treated me very well today. Check it.

And another lovely bathroom pic for you -- new brown sweater and chain-link skirt, both from Banana Republic.

The second pic is of my ensemble with the old Gap pea coat I got in the fall of my sophomore year of college. That's 1995, folks -- talk about long-lasting and timeless!


  1. Brent and I were on the hunt for banh mi this weekend! (We didn't look too hard, though.)

  2. I have a black Gap peacoat that I got my sophomore year of college that I still wear!

  3. the bear brought home lee's for dinner last night! alleatsame! i remember when the sandwiches used to be $1.75 each.

    love the subtle bow-like embellishment on the back of your shoes. :)

  4. Ohmigawd! That one pic looked like a bloody mess; it reminded me of a National Geographic photo of animal birth.

    There are now two Lee's close to where I live and my buddy Ian is obsessed. He convinced us to visit one at 2 a.m. on a Saturday (perhaps that was our mistake) and the smell about knocked us all on our asses. The baguettes *were* extremely fresh, though.

    Cute shoes!

  5. I "grew up" on Lees - or at least ate their weekly when I was in high school. Such good sandwhiches!

  6. The meat at Mr. Baguette is less scary looking.

  7. That's the skirt I liked! How awesome is it that your coat still "works"? Does that qualify it as vintage?

    Score for the low priced meal and awesome flats.

    I half gagged at the meat description. Ew.

  8. Matt is convinced that Lee's Sandwiches is an undercover drug ring.

    The place is always packed wether its 12pm or 4 AM.

    I like their sweet corn bread thingies. YUM

  9. Love the richness of your new brown shoes.

  10. that meat is freaking me out!

    LOVE the Ferragamos! Aren't they the most comfortable?! Cute outfit :)

  11. i like mr. baguette better, the bread tastes fresher.

    is that "meat" headcheese?

  12. Those shoes are hideous. Grotesquely, abhorrently, disgustingly HIDEOUS. You better give them to me. I will save you from their hideousness. It is the sacrifice I will make for you. Yes, you better give them to me RIGHT NOW.

  13. Blech, I hate biting into nasty meat/poultry. I call it girt. I'll give you an example from last nights dinner while eating chicken...
    Me: Ah, blech! Girt! Girt alert!
    Then Husband handed me a napkin, no other words were needed.

  14. mystery meat scares the shit out of me.


  15. i love banh mi.
    i've tried both lee's and mr. baquette both are good and fast =)
    vietnamese coffee is damn strong though.javascript:void(0)
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    cute shoes.

    oh btw...i don't think i will be able to make it to this brunch =(


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