Sunday, January 13, 2008

Say Cheese

Question: What happens when a group of mofos running the L.A. Marathon to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society throw a wine tasting and fondue event?

Answer: A bunch of supportive mofos show up, and laughter rings throughout Irvine!

For once, I'm one of the last -- if not the last -- to blog because (1) I'm behind on blogging, and (2) I was so frazzled rushing from work to home to catch my carpool that I forgot my camera.

Thus, the pics below were all swiped from fellow attendees. You can see the originals on the blogs of 10YearsTogether, Aline, Brianna, Kate, and Wan.

I carpooled with Wan, Nanette, and Amber. Upon our arrival, we took an "Engaged at Cat's" pic with APK and 10Years.

The night was full of silliness...

...and smiles.

These people won raffle prizes.

These people didn't.

This person won what I really wanted to win.

These people live in L.A.

These people live in OC.

These people all support our favorite running mofos.



  1. nice!! i'm going to a fundraiser party next month for my friend whose running the Boston Marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

  2. not the last-i still haven't blogged. i think i'll just post a list of links to all of yours.

  3. i like the recap of the recaps! nice photo collage ;)

  4. My favorite 2 are 1. the backwards L.L.L.A.A.A pic and of course Weemo mouse.


    So glad you guys made it out.

  5. Famtastic recap - I love the choice of photos! Thamks agaim for comimg out to OC wemo, it wouldm't have beem the same without our supportive LA mofos!

  6. Yay it was fun to see you, and the LA girls, again. I love the one of you, J-Jo and I.

  7. Sad that I missed it. Stupid Vegas trip. ;)

  8. um, almost the last to blog ;) i still haven't done a recap, though it will be painfully short.

  9. Definitely not the last. I haven't even transferred my photos to the laptop.

  10. Yep. I'm still sad and jealous that I couldn't go. Thanks for sharing though. I love seeing my pals have fun even when I'm not there. :)


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