Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brunch...A Week Later

Please join me again in my trusty time machine, as we journey to one week ago.

Blog Party #3 at John O'Groats. Yeehaw!

I know I'm the last to blog this time, so please feel free to read other more timely accounts by Kate, Leslie, Nanette, R, Wan, and Winnie. Theirs are filled with beautiful photos, while mine is not.

Why not?

If you recall, my Canon point-and-shoot died, so I am now using a crappy Nikon Coolpix S9 that I won a few years ago at my old firm's retreat. It is the horrible combination of the lame camera and my own user incompetence that made my pictures so awful -- so much so that I ended up whipping out my iPhone to take a few pics, despite having a real camera at hand.

(I hope Mr. Monkey masters this stupid Coolpix during our vacation. I'm going to stick him with that sad little thing, while I use this. Bwahahaha!)

So here's my shoddy pictorial. The other girls already did such a great job of describing our fun that I feel little need to add more verbiage, except that I absolutely loved my Huevos O'Groats and side of bacon, and I highly recommend John O'Groats to anyone who loves breakfast.

As always, I have a the usual treat for blog party members on the party blog, so be sure to check it out.

Thanks so much for coming, everybody! I had such a wonderful time. The next party will be in March, after our trip to South America!


  1. so glad you guys liked this place! it's one of our favorite joints and i was bummed i couldn't participate in all the good eats this time around :(

  2. yup. had a great time, and love every recap! i need to return so that i can try the lemon pancakes.

  3. About time! ;)

    Your pictorals are awesome.

  4. Thanks again for planning this party!

  5. I'm still thinking about my yummy breakfast...

  6. I dug my crab cake smileys too! :) Great food, better company. :)


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