Monday, January 7, 2008

Foxboro Hot Tubs

A "new" band! Foxboro Hot Tubs!

Not really. Sound like anyone you know? It should....

Weezer : Goat Punishment :: _________ : Foxboro Hot Tubs

Fill in the blank, and maybe you will win a prize!


  1. We are SO mot music twimsies. I am curremtly listemimg to good ole Hamk's "Family Traditiom" amd rotatimg it with Josh Grobam's "To Where You Are." I'm practically im tears because I love him so.

  2. you know i'm music stupid. no prize for me.

  3. Is it Green Day? The lead singer sounds so familiar, but I'm having a hard time placing the voice.

  4. i cheated and wikipedia them up---do i still win a prize =)

    maybe they will be at coachella

  5. No idea what you are talking about. But I still love you!

  6. Phew! I was afraid to open this post and discover you're a "creepy" hot tubber who is unsafe to share food with! So glad you're just talkin' music. . .


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